30 Gifts For Your Girlfriend (That Will Wow Just About Anyone)

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend is almost like searching for a hidden gem uniquely crafted for her – especially if her love language is receiving gifts! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking to brighten her day, the right present can speak volumes about how much she means to you and … Read more

Discover your partner with these 50 date night conversation starters

Discover your partner with these date night conversation starters

Here at Cupla, we are firm believers in the role that date night conversation starters can play in creating amazing date nights and keeping the spark alive in a partnership. They help partners communicate, connect, and bond on a deeper level. By having open and meaningful discussions, couples can deepen their understanding of each other … Read more

How Men and Women Do-and Don’t-Differ in Sexual Desire 

Pop quiz: True or False? Men think about sex more than women? Men’s sexual desire declines faster than women’s in a relationship? Women don’t care about sexual novelty? Did you have trouble coming up with an answer to these questions? Or maybe you even feel a bit icky stereotyping men and women when trying to … Read more

Reigniting the Spark – How to Reconnect with Your Partner

Every satisfying long-term relationship has a passionate, romantic spark at its center. But, that spark can flicker and fade over time, oftentimes because of no specific fault. Especially when you’re not sure how to reconnect with your partner. Kids enter the picture, you both become busy with your careers and date nights slip to the … Read more

3 practical tips for maintaining a healthy relationship

Practical tips for maintaining a healthy relationship

Whether you have been together for one year or ten years – all relationships require effort from both sides to maintain your connection. Below are three tips on how you and your partner can maintain a healthy relationship together. Try new things together No matter how much you love your partner or value your relationship, … Read more

Romantic Chemistry 101 – Building Chemistry in a Relationship

Valentine’s Day has just been and gone for another year. It’s a time when many of us take stock of our love lives and the chemistry in our relationship. Doing so may make you realize that some of that chemistry you had in your early days of dating has started to fizzle or that you … Read more

Never run out of date ideas again with a date jar

Struggling for interesting date night ideas? A date night jar could be a fun – and easy – way to spice up your next batch of quality time with your partner. Read more: 34 Date Night Ideas for Every Kind of Couple What is a date night jar? A date night jar does exactly what … Read more

How to make a couples’ chore chart (that actually works)

How to create a chore chart that actually works

The nature of housework has changed since the 1940s. The days of housewives doing all the chores and looking after the two-and-a-half kids are gone. Full time homemakers are more rare and both partners are now expected to pull their weight in housekeeping. Chore charts for couples help you and your partner to keep track … Read more