New Year, New Us: 30 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Couple

Many people see the dawn of the new year as an opportunity to start anew. Maybe you didn’t read as much as you wanted to or you want to make a more conscious effort to be a little more adventurous. Whatever it is, crafting New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to test our tenacity and make a commitment to ourselves.

But what if we told you that New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be a solo activity? That’s right – creating resolutions as a couple can be a powerful way to reinforce your bond and encourage a little teamwork. When two people align on a goal, they can enjoy a deeper connection grown from ambition and mutual support. 

From bettering your communication to going on more adventures together, there are so many ways you can set intentions for the new year. Looking for New Year’s resolution ideas for couples? Read on!

New Year’s Resolutions to Strengthen Your Bond


      1. Schedule weekly date nights

    According to the National Marriage Project, date nights can be helpful in numerous ways, from relieving stress, extending emotional support to one another, and increasing relationship quality.


        1. Learn each other’s love language

      When partners learn and practice each other’s love language – physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, or receiving gifts – they enjoy higher levels of relationship satisfaction.


          1. Learn each other’s apology language

        Along with love languages comes the inevitable need for apology languages, and knowing your partner’s apology language can resolve conflicts more effectively and turn them into opportunities for deeper connection.


            1. Attend a couple’s workshop

          Couple’s workshops can give you both valuable insights and tools to deepen your connection in a structured environment, whether it’s focused on sex, emotions, or practical skills.


              1. Participate in what your partner is passionate about

            Showing an interest and taking part in things your partner is passionate about can improve relationship satisfaction and closeness. So go to that convention, pick up that book, or muster up the courage to try something completely new!

            New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Communication


                1. Have regular relationship check-ins

              Setting aside dedicated time for regular check-ins can let you find time to openly communicate your feelings, make progress towards shared goals, and even address any issues that you’re keeping in.


                  1. Share your thoughts

                Try out fun activities that encourage you both to share what you’re feeling and thinking. You might want to take time to share one highlight and one challenge from your day, for example, on a daily basis. These 50 questions can help kick start the conversation.


                    1. Work on compromising

                  Coming to a compromise is about finding common ground and saying, “I hear and value you,” which can lead to more respect within the relationship.


                      1. Leave notes of appreciation for each other

                    Leaving notes for each other to find can be an exciting and heartfelt gesture that can brighten both your days and foster a sense of appreciation. 


                        1. Establish no-tech times

                      Technology can negatively interfere with our relationships. In fact, 45% of couples consider it a big problem in their marriage. Decide on regular periods where you create uninterrupted space to connect with each other.

                      New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Lifestyle


                          1.  Cook and try new healthy recipes

                        Exploring new recipes together can become both an adventure and a commitment to your health! Try new ingredients, cuisines, and see what you can incorporate into your routine meals.


                            1. Commit to a fitness challenge together

                          Whether it’s training for a 5K, mastering a new yoga flow, or going for regular walks, shared physical goals can offer a mutual feeling of accomplishment.


                              1. Try a new sport or activity

                            Show each other support as you both tackle new challenges and share the excitement of discovering a new sport or physical activity.


                                1. Set joint health goals for the year

                              Consider setting goals like daily step count, active minutes, or challenge each other to specific weekly activities to encourage each other to amp up your physical health.


                                  1. Spend more time outdoors

                                In the modern day, most people spend way too much time indoors. Make an effort to spend more time in nature by taking a hike through local trains, picnicking in the park, or enjoying the sunset together. 

                                New Year’s Resolutions for Financial Freedom


                                    1. Plan for a big joint purchase

                                  Setting your sights on a big joint purchase like a new home, car, or dream vacation can bring excitement to your relationship and encourage you to work together towards a common financial goal.


                                      1.  Learn about investing together

                                    Investing can seem complicated, but things like studying the stock market and exploring real estate opportunities can help you grow your nest egg over time and feel more confident about financial management.


                                        1. Have monthly financial check-ins

                                      Increase your transparency and trust through monthly check-ins to discuss spending habits, reviewing savings goals, and adjusting your budget.


                                          1. Create a joint budget plan

                                        Speaking of budgeting, creating a joint plan can pave the way for less stress and allow you to tackle your financial future as a team. Use tools like spreadsheets and budgeting apps to help!


                                            1. Cut down on spending in a specific category

                                          If you’re finding yourself a little too joint at the hip with Uber Eats, for example, it might be time to challenge yourselves to dial back in that spending category. Instead, you could replace that overspending with fun and creative ways to enjoy homemade meals together.

                                          New Year’s Resolutions for Personal Growth


                                              1. Volunteer for a cause you both care about

                                            Whether it’s lending a hand at the local pet shelter or serving meals at a soup kitchen, volunteering together can provide a shared purpose.


                                                1. Take turns teaching each other something new

                                              Learning is the spice of life, so why not take turns teaching each other new skills. Maybe you want to try out the art of watercolor painting or teach your partner how to master the secrets behind your grandmother’s spaghetti sauce?


                                                  1. Plan a trip to a place neither of you have been

                                                Planning a getaway to a destination that’s fresh for both of you can allow you to fully discover a new place together and create lasting memories.


                                                    1. Start a new hobby together

                                                  Diving into a new hobby is a great way to spark joy and grow together. Some examples might include salsa dancing, enrolling in a pottery class, or learning a new language.


                                                      1. Spend some time apart

                                                    Spending time apart is just as important as spending time together – it lets each person in the relationship pursue their own passions and interests and maintain a sense of individuality.

                                                    New Year’s Resolutions for Intimacy and Connection


                                                        1. Commit to going to bed at the same time at least once a week

                                                      That’s right! There’s a link between couples who synchronize their sleep schedules and relationship satisfaction. While you might not be able to do this every night, making an effort to do so as much as possible can greatly benefit your relationship.


                                                          1. Share your desires openly

                                                        Opening up to your partner about your deepest desires can be a wildly enriching experience for a relationship, whether it’s more adventurous date nights or interests in the bedroom you haven’t explored yet.


                                                            1. Work on other types of intimacy other than physical

                                                          While physical intimacy is important for many relationships, try working on your emotional intimacy through open-hearted conversions or intellectual intimacy by having discussions on books or movies. You’d be surprised what you might discover about each other! Check out some ideas here.


                                                              1. Try new things in the bedroom

                                                            There are plenty of ways to inject some novelty and excitement into your intimate life that can enhance connection or introduce playfulness into the bedroom. For example, a positions dice game or exploring sex toys.


                                                                1. Pamper each other

                                                              Taking the time to pamper each other can be as simple as surprising your partner with a home-cooked meal, giving them a relaxing back rub, or running a hot bath. These thoughtful gestures show appreciation and care, which we all want to show our significant others!

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