The Relationship Management App for Couples

Meet the revolutionary new way busy couples connect.
Share calendars, manage to-do’s & reminders, plan life together.

With Cupla, you'll experience...

Clarity in your schedules

 Manage all of your time together easily, so you can find the space in your lives for more time together. 

Better time together

Discover the benefits of regular quality time together with expert advice and tools designed to help you prioritise time together.

Amazing date nights

Experience curated date nights and shared experiences leading you to greater connection with your partner.

A suite of tools in your hand, designed to bring you closer together.

The best shared calendar in the world

Unforgettable ToDo's & Reminders


A seriously simple date planner


Quality time is the foundation of better relationships, and strong relationships lead to happier families and communities. ​

Paired Couples
3000 +
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Hours Spent Together
60000 +
Dates Planner Per day
30 +
50000 +
Calendars Merged
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