23 fantastic ideas to add to your couple to do list

23 fantastic ideas to add to your couple to do list

Every couple with a curated to-do list has instant access to experiences that create wonderful memories, bring you both closer, and say “I love you” with more than just words. But every great to-do list needs to start somewhere. Add one (or all!) of these 23 ideas to your Cupla To Do list and keep a little adventure in your back pocket.

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  • Have a tech-free day. Switch off your phones, unplug the TV, ditch anything that beeps or buzzes, and spend a day together exploring the lower tech side of life.
  • Go on a double date. The only thing better than a great date night is a great date night with your closest friends. Grab a buddy and their partner and hit the town together.
  • Recreate your first date. Whether you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, going back to where it all began is a fun way to reminisce and appreciate how far you’ve come together.
  • Write mutual love letters. It’s one thing to say “I love you”, and another to write it down. Go into different rooms, write from the heart, exchange letters, and feel the glow. Bonus points if you read them out loud!
  • Visit each other’s hometowns. Your hometown will have a huge amount of meaning to you. Share that part of your past with your partner and forge a deeper bond.
  • Create a couple’s scrapbook. Digital photo albums are great, but when you can take a million photos and still have storage space left over, it’s hard to find the images that really matter. Put some time aside and create a scrapbook to distil your memories into the moments that matter.
    1. Take a workout class together. Couples that lift don’t drift! Pull on your best workout clothes and hit the gym together for a quick hit of dopamine – and a great excuse for a post-gym shared shower…
  • Cook dinner together. Teach each other your favourite meals to cook or try something brand new together. It’s dinner, a date, and entertainment all rolled into one!
  • Volunteer together. Doing good feels good and bringing your partner along doubles the doing and the feeling. So it’s at least twice as good – that’s just math.
  • Start a new tradition. Whether it’s a daily ritual before bed or a mandatory Christmas movie (no matter how much people pretend to groan), planning and starting a new tradition is a powerful way to bring you and your partner closer together.
  • Take a spontaneous road trip. Got nowhere you want to go? Good news! Road trips aren’t called road destinations. Just pick a spot, load up the car, and go exploring with your partner with nothing between you but a center console and nothing ahead but an open road. The adventure is in the journey.
  • Learn to tango. So you think you can dance? Prove it by learning one of the spiciest ways to groove with your partner.
  • Go wine tasting. Explore some new flavours and find new favourites together. And don’t think local wineries are required – randomly selected bottles from your closest supermarket will work just as well.
  • In-home spa day. Break out the facemasks, the massage oil and the freshly laundered towels – an in-home spa day (complete with sliced cucumber on the eyes) is not just relaxing for both of you, but leads to a much closer physical connection too.
  • Get a close shave. Here’s one for couples with oodles of trust. Get your partner to play barber and give you a shave – the closer the better. It’s weird, it’s funny, but it’s always a close, intimate experience.
  • Learn a duet together. Even if you can’t sing, find a song you both love (or love to hate) that has two parts. Think Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf, Aladdin and Jasmin, Sonny and Cher. Belt them out, karaoke style, and make sure you reeeeaaaally reach for those high notes.
  • Create your own signature cocktail. Signature cocktails are a staple of modern weddings, but you don’t have to be getting married to make one! It’s a great way to learn more about each others’ likes and dislikes – and you get to do plenty of taste testing as a bonus.
  • Explore your Love Languages. Did you know that you and your partner might express love completely differently? And that if you can speak your partner’s ‘love language’, you can forge a stronger connection? Take an evening and learn about Love Languages and uncover together how each of you say “I love you”.
  • Make a sex bucket list. Time to turn up the heat. Explore the fantasies and desires that you and your partner have always wanted to try, but have never had the chance. Not great at ‘talking dirty’? Try one of these apps designed for couples – they’ll help break down those walls and get you and your partner on the journey towards even better intimacy.
  • Conquer a fear together. There are few feelings better than knowing you’ve overcome something terrifying. One of them is overcoming a fear with your partner at your side. Snakes, spiders, heights, public speaking – take those steps towards smashing your phobias with your partner, and you and your relationship will both come out stronger than ever.
  • Find a new shared hobby. How many couples were brought together by a mutual love of something? Eyes locking over vinyl records, hearts thumping in time at the gym – hobbies are powerful things! Exploring a new, shared hobby together is a fantastic to-do list addition for any couple looking to forge a powerful connection.

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