30 Gifts For Your Girlfriend (That Will Wow Just About Anyone)

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend is almost like searching for a hidden gem uniquely crafted for her – especially if her love language is receiving gifts! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking to brighten her day, the right present can speak volumes about how much she means to you and how much you’ve been paying attention. 

If you’re on the hunt for a present with that ‘wow’ factor, our list of 30 gifts is sure to make your next gift an unforgettable one! From thoughtful keepsakes to unique finds, this list is brimming with awesome picks that are perfect ‘just because’ or as birthday or Christmas gift ideas for her.

  1. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Source: Lululemon

For the girlfriend on the go, this everyday Lululemon belt bag is perfect for carrying her essentials and looking stylish – all at the same time! Whether she’s out for a jog, running errands, or exploring the city, this compact bag will help keep her hands free and her belongings secure.

Cost: $38 USD

  1. Silk & Snow Hand Knitted Weighted Blanket

Source: Silk & Snow

Give your girlfriend the gift of comfort with this hand-knitted weighted blanket – perfect for those cozy nights in. This luxurious gift offers therapeutic, stress-reducing benefits without the use of plastic beads or pellets woven with natural cotton.

Cost: $180 – $320 USD

  1. Our Place Always Pan 2.0

Source: Our Place

Transform your girlfriend’s culinary adventures with a versatile 10-in-1 cookware system that can fry, steam, sauté, and more. That’s right! This non-stick ceramic pan is designed to replace 10 traditional cookware items and comes with a nesting beechwood spatula, and steamer basket and colander.

Cost: $150 USD

  1. UrbanStems Subscription

Source: UrbanStems

Brighten up many of her days with an UrbanStems subscription, delivering beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers right to her doorsteps. Whether you go for the Classic plan, Seasonal selections, or the Luxe subscription, this service will deliver tailored arrangements to suit her taste and remind her of your affection every time.

Cost: $55 – $105 USD

  1. 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

Source: Amazon

Explore new activities and go on adventures together with a 100 dates scratch-off poster. Especially if you’re running out of things to do as a couple, this gift idea can inspire some romance and spontaneity in your relationship. Maybe you want to try a painting class or visit a jazz club for the first time – whatever it might be, each scratch-off ticks one off the list.

Cost: $27 USD

  1. Aura Vanity Mirror by Fancii

Source: Fancii

The Aura vanity mirror is a sleek, modern LED mirror that will give your girlfriend’s beauty routine a serious glow-up. Its adjustable LED lighting mimics natural sunlight to ensure her makeup is flawless under any condition and comes with useful magnification, tilt, and rotation options.

Cost: $59 USD

  1. Hatch Restore 2 Sleep Guide

Source: Hatch

For girlfriends who might be struggling with their sleep cycle, the Hatch Restore 2 is the ideal sleep assistant to personalize their bedtime routine. And it’s much more than just an alarm clock – this nifty device combines a smart light, sound machine, and sunrise alarm to help her wind down and wake up with ease.

Cost: $199.99 USD

  1. Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

Source: Dyson

The latest Dyson technology is revolutionary for its ability to curl, smooth, wave, and dry hair without extreme heat. With a range of attachments for different hair styles and types, she can achieve salon-level looks and experience no bad hair days.

Cost: $599.99 USD

  1. Bond Touch Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Source: Bond Touch

Keep the connection between you and your girlfriend strong no matter where you are with these long-distance touch bracelets. When texts and calls don’t seem like enough, you can feel closer with gentle vibrations and bright colors to let each other know you’re thinking of them.

Cost: $69 USD

  1.  Travel Makeup Bag

Source: Amazon

This practical makeup bag is compact enough to fit in a carry-on but spacious enough to hold all her beauty essentials. It features multiple compartments in a beautiful faux leather casing to keep her products organized and easily accessible.

Cost: $25.99 USD

  1. Pukka Tea Gift Box

Source: Amazon

If your girlfriend is a tea lover, she’s bound to appreciate this gift box of organic herbal tea. This curated collection of 45 sachets features 9 different flavors to cater to different moods and moments, from dreamy blends with lavender to energizing brews of turmeric and ginger.

Cost: $21.99 USD

  1. Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Source: Logitech

Add a splash of color and a little bit of retro charm to your girlfriend’s tech collection. Customizable emoji keys and a variety of colors allow her to express herself in a fun way, while wireless connectivity makes things neat, seamless, and stylish.

Cost: $99.99 USD

  1. Crosley Vinyl Record Player

Source: Crosley

Add a splash of color and a little bit of retro charm to your girlfriend’s tech collection. Customizable emoji keys and a variety of colors allow her to express herself in a fun way, while wireless connectivity makes things neat, seamless, and stylish.

Cost: $79.95 – $89.95 USD

  1. Mejuri Round Topaz Necklace

Source: Mejuri

Add some elegance to her everyday look with the Mejuri Round Topaz Necklace. Its timeless, simple design features a thick layer of gold vermeil and a genuine gemstone that will last her a lifetime.

Cost: $98 USD

  1. Make-Your-Own Matcha Kit

Source: Art of Tea

This classic matcha kit has everything your girlfriend needs to master a matcha brewing experience – a hand-blown double-walled glass bowl, bamboo matcha whisk, bamboo measuring spoon, and a whisk holder.

Cost: $59 USD

  1.  Lego Flower Bouquet

Source: Lego

Forget about traditional flowers and let your girlfriend build her own floral arrangement that will never die. Each petal, bloom, and stem can be mixed and matched, and there are even elements made from sustainable materials.

Cost: $59.99 USD

  1. Bento&Co Original Bento Bundle

Source: Bento&Co

Move over Tupperware and cheap plastic containers and purchase this genuine Japanese-style bento bundle. Employing traditional Japanese textiles and woodworking, this exclusive set will be the envy of all her coworkers at the office.

Cost: $50 USD

  1. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Source: Dagne Dover

Made from premium neoprene, this durable, lightweight carryall bag (comes in extra small to extra large sizes) can keep up with a busy lifestyle full of weekend getaways, gym sessions, and overnight business trips. The best part? It’s 100% vegan and made from 16 recycled bottles.

Cost: $125 – $245 USD

  1. MasterClass Subscription

Source: MasterClass

This non-tangible gift is amazing for girlfriends who are endlessly curious and always looking to learn. MasterClass offers exclusive courses on insights and skills right from experts in their respective fields, such as Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Hart.

Cost: Depends on the class

  1. UGG Tasman Slippers

Source: UGG

Wrap her feet in the all-the-rage plush UGG Tasman Slippers, which boast the iconic UGG sheepskin lining and a durable sole. They’re a fashionable and practical choice for everyday wear, including for lounging at home and quick trips outside the home.

Cost: $110 USD

  1. Ember Mug 2

Source: Ember

Does your girlfriend always seem to nurse her tea or coffee until it gets cold? If so, the temperature-controlled Ember Mug 2 will keep her drink hot at the perfect temperature for hours.

Cost: $149.95 USD

  1. Allbirds Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles

Source: Allbirds

The Wool Runner Mizzles are the greatest blend of sustainability and practicality. Not only are these cozy sneakers crafted from eco-friendly materials, but they also feature water-repellent Puddle Guard technology to keep her feet dry.

Cost: $125 USD

  1. Fujifilm Instax Square Camera

Source: Instax

Capture your moments together in a nostalgic, square format with this charming, modernized instant camera. Enjoy selfie mode, auto exposure, and a stunning case to match.

Cost: $115

  1. Aesop Skin Care Bundle

Source: Aesop

Indulge her senses with an Aesop skincare bundle to nourish and rejuvenate her skin. Aesop is known for its vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based products, which are perfect for the woman in your life who appreciates an aromatic, natural, and ethical experience.

Cost: $64 – $260

  1. Primalwine Club Subscription

Source: Primalwine

For girlfriends whogood enjoy wine o’clock, the Primalwine Club subscription lets them explore a world of natural wines handpicked from sustainable and biodynamic vineyards. Type, quantity, and frequency can be customized.

Cost: $70 – $315

  1. Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler

Source: Stanley

Is your girlfriend looking to up her hydration game? With this Stanley Tumbler, she might never go thirsty again. Tumblers come in 14oz to 64oz sizes and can keep drinks hot for 10 hours, cold for 15 hours, and iced for 60 hours.

Cost: $20 – $60

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Source: sparoom

This sleek essential oil diffuser transforms her chosen essential oils into a fragrant mist, filling the air with incredible scents. As a bonus, it also doubles as a good-looking piece of home decor.

Cost: $44.99

  1. Birdie+ Personal Safety Alarm

Source: She’s Birdie

Gift her a sense of security with this portable gadget designed to deter danger with safety features such as a loud siren, access to a 24/7 live emergency rep, fake excuse-to-leave calls, and instant emergency contact alerts.

Cost: $39.95 USD

  1. Travel Watercolor Paint Kit

Source: Uncommon Goods

Designed for artists on the go, this compact watercolor paint kit is ideal for spontaneous moments wherever she is. Enjoy 16 vivid sun-dried watercolors and a water pen that can activate colors right when you’re ready.

Cost: $45

  1. A Cupla Subscription

Source: Cupla

Keep that spark ignited every single day with a Cupla subscription – a revolutionary couples app that keeps you and your girlfriend connected with a shared calendar, date night planner, chat feature, and to-do lists. You can even try out the free trial before you purchase!

Cost: $4.99 – $44.99 USD

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