Bridging the Gap – Long Distance Relationship Activities

Long distance relationships can be challenging, so to keep things fresh, we’ve pulled together the best long distance relationship activities. After all, research has shown that to keep a LDR alive, it’s vital to find the fun and romance in being long distance [1]. With a little creativity and effort, couples in long-distance relationships can find ways to stay connected and make the most of their time apart. 

Here are some ideas for exciting date night ideas that you can enjoy from wherever you are. From New York, to Singapore… we’ve got you covered!

Plan a Video Date Night

A fun and interactive way to spend an evening with your partner is by having a “Video Date Night”! Set aside some quality time together on Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp while engaging in activities like playing a board game, watching movies, or discussing interesting topics. You could even plan to cook the same meal and eat it together on camera so it feels like you’re together.

There are even several services that allow you to do activities while on a video call together. Scener, for example, is a website that allows you to stream a movie or TV show at the same time while on video or audio calls. The Chrome extension Teleparty has a similar function, but you can chat instead of call.

But before you set up a video date night, you need to know when each other is free! Thousands of long distance couples have been turning to apps for couples like Cupla to share calendars and easily plan date nights when you can’t be in the same place. 

Write Love Letters to Each Other

Writing old-fashioned love letters is a wonderful way to express your feelings and keep the romance alive in long distance relationships. You can share stories from your day, reminisce on times together, or even write poems that will make your partner smile from miles away.

Even if you don’t want to send a physical piece of mail, you can always write your love letter as an email or text message. This will take some of the waiting out of the equation and you’ll get to experience your partner’s reaction as soon as they read it. We know that keeping a long distance relationship working is hard, so be kind to yourself and your partner and make sure you are being understanding of each other’s wants and desires across distance.

If you don’t feel up to love letters, writing a message a day to your partner by text when you wake up or before you go to sleep is a lovely way to show them you’ve been thinking about them all day or perhaps had a dream about them.

Go On a Virtual Adventure

Research some places you’d like to travel and explore them together online. You could even plan an “itinerary” that includes activities ranging from visiting historical sights, taking cooking classes, or watching concerts from around the world. 

This could lay the groundwork for talking about your next meetup, or even what your future together could look like. Really listen to what your partner’s ideas for an adventure are and think about how you can make their dreams come true the next time you see them or far in the future.

Encourage Some Friendly Competition with a Digital Game Night

There are plenty of online games you can play with your partner in long distance relationships. From online versions of classic board games to popular video game titles, there is something out there for everyone! This is a great way to stay connected while having fun at the same time. And probably one of our favorite long distance relationship activities. Who doesn’t love a bit of love & (friendly) war!

Remember – this is a friendly competition, and you and your partner are always ultimately on the same side. Use this as an opportunity to explore how you handle low-stakes conflicts. See how you and your partner handle wins and losses and discover ways to lift each other up through all types of situations.

Share Photos From Your Day

Sharing photos of yourselves and the things you’re doing is a great way to keep in touch. It also makes your partner feel like you’re there with them and experiencing what they are. Send a selfie or your BeReal from the day. If you’d rather not show your face, send a picture of a sunset you saw, a meal you ate or something you see during the day that reminds you of them. Try to think about what will make your partner smile when they open their messages from you.

Texting is probably the easiest way to send photos to each other, and social media is a close second. But even better would be to try Cupla – a relationship app built for couples where you can chat and send photos and videos, as well as see when your partner is free for a virtual date night…all in one app!

What about a shared digital scrapbook?! This is a great option for couples who don’t like to blow up each others’ phones. Some couples also like to have a private Instagram account or a Google Photos folder to store all their favorite memories in one place.

Make a Sentimental Playlist

It’s easier than ever to make a playlist, so why not make one to share with your partner? They’re a super thoughtful and heartfelt way to express your feelings. Start by thinking of songs that remind you of your partner. You can make a “Love Songs That Remind Me Of You” playlist, or you could match the vibe of special moments with playlists called  “Our First Date”, “Driving Together”, “That One Time In Mexico” etc. You get the idea. The more unique to your relationship, the better.

Even when you can’t connect with your partner, you’ll be able to feel closer to them by listening to the playlist they’ve made. It’s basically a modern day mixtape! Spotify even allows you to create shared playlists where you can curate your ideal playlist together. You can even sync your listening with theirs! This is super helpful for couples who can’t always make time for each other throughout their busy days. 

Send Each Other Care Packages

Who doesn’t love getting mail? A care package is one of the best ways to show you care and brighten your partner’s day. Fill it up with their favorite snacks and things that remind you of special memories with them. You can just send your own as a surprise or plan to both send one.

Your care package doesn’t have to be expensive either. Set a spending limit or only get items from the Dollar Store, Five Below, etc. You could also send each other items you already own, like clothing, stuffed animals, etc. With three million Americans living apart from their spouses, its safe to say you’re not the only ones trying to come up with fun and nifty ideas to keep the spark alive! [2]

Plan Activities and Dates with Cupla

Now that you know what to do on your long distance dates, it’s time to make them happen! The best way to plan your dates together is with the Cupla app. Cupla stores your schedule on a shared calendar that you can edit with your partner, making it easy to plan whatever you want to do no matter where you are.

You can try Cupla with their free trial on iOS and Android. It’s the perfect app for any long distance couple, especially if your schedules are busy, you’re in different time zones, or you’re just finding it difficult to make time for each other. So try Cupla – you’re sure to feel closer than ever!

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