Awesome long distance date night ideas

Long-distance relationships can be tough, but the good news is that a little creativity and the application of modern technology makes it super easy to stay connected with your loved one, no matter how far away they are. Try one of these virtual date ideas for your long distance relationship to keep the fire burning until you’re reunited!

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Make Something

Share music playlists

Found a new local band that your partner just can’t miss out on? Or maybe you want a sample of the sounds in their new locale? Spend a date night making a playlist of songs that remind you of each other or discover new music together! For bonus points, dedicate songs to each other or create a playlist for a specific occasion or mood.

Handy tools:

  • Spotify. A popular music streaming service where you can create and share playlists with your partner.
  • Apple Music. Another well-known music streaming service with playlist sharing features.
  • YouTube. You can create and share playlists of your favorite music videos or live performances.

Share photos

Roleplay as your own paparazzi and snap photos of your day, your surroundings, or just something funny you saw, then share them with each other. Even when you’re far apart, this lets you stay updated and feel more connected – your “boring day” could be a fabulous lifeline for your distant partner.

Handy tools:

  • Google Photos. Offers shared albums feature where you and your partner can contribute photos.
  • Dropbox. A cloud storage service where you can create a shared folder to upload and view photos.
  • Flickr. A photo-sharing platform that allows you to create shared albums.

Write a joint blog or diary

Writing your feelings and thoughts has been a way to share your life with a distant loved one since letters became a whole ‘thing’. Nowadays, there’s no need for a stamp or an envelope. Just start up a free blog, share the account details, and write some stories together. When date night comes, both of you can open up the site and start exploring what each other has written. Bonus points if you narrate it as you read.

Handy tools:

  • WordPress. A platform that allows you to create a blog where both of you can write posts.
  • Blogger. Another platform for creating a blog that you both can contribute to.
  • Waffle.  An online diary platform that offers a collaborative feature.

Create a virtual scrapbook 

Like the blog idea but not much of a wordsmith? That’s okay, you and your partner can spend some time collecting photos, videos and other digital mementos of your time together and create a virtual scrapbook. Keep adding to it as you go, and you’ve got a touching, chilled out and easy long-distance date night ready to go.

Handy tools:

  • Mixbook. Known for its customization tools for creating online scrapbooks
  • Canva. Offers a free online scrapbook maker with beautifully designed templates
  • Smilebox. Provides digital scrapbooking with a variety of layouts​

Do a virtual art class

Time to bare your soul through the power of art! Virtually, of course. There are plenty of online art classes that you and your partner can enjoy in all the same ways as a physical art class. Explore your creativity and learn a new skill together.

Handy tools:

  • Paint and Sip Live. Offers virtual painting parties that you can attend from anywhere
  • Skillshare. An online learning community with various art topics
  • Creative Live. Provides online art courses where you can learn new skills

Cook a meal together

Food just tastes better when you make it with someone you love. With the power of the internet, you can now plan, cook and enjoy the same meal no matter how far away you are from one another. You could even exchange favorite recipes to get to know each other’s tastes even better.

Handy tools:

  • Cozymeal. Offers online cooking classes for couples, guided by professional chefs​.
  • Classpop! Provides interactive online cooking classes, with a variety of cuisines to choose from​.
  • MasterClass. Learn from world-renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller.

Play Something

Play online board games

Get ready to face off in a virtual game of your favorite board games! There are plenty of options out there to get access to the classics like Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, and more. It’s a fun way to stay connected and enjoy some healthy competition.

Handy tools:

  • Tabletopia. This platform offers a wide variety of board games that you can play online with your partner. You can access Tabletopia from your web browser or through Steam, iOS, or Android applications
  • Board Game Arena. This is another platform that allows you to play a variety of board games online. It supports real-time and turn-based gameplay
  • Tabletop Simulator. Available on Steam, this simulator allows you to play virtually any board game with your partner. It provides a 3D environment where you can move pieces just like in real life.

Have a virtual trivia night

There’s no distance great enough to put out the fires of competition! Put your partner to the test with a virtual trivia night. Take it to the next level by creating your own personal quiz – maybe throw in a few spicy ones, we won’t judge ;).

Handy tools:

  • Kahoot! This platform allows you to create your own quizzes or use pre-made ones for a fun trivia night
  • Sporcle. Here, you can find thousands of quizzes on various topics. You can compete to see who gets the highest score
  • Trivia 360. This is a mobile app that allows you to compete in real-time with your partner on various trivia topics

Play an online escape room

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity in the last few years, and now they’ve made the leap to the digital world too. Work together to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and escape the room before it’s too late.

Handy tools:

  • Escape Experience. Offers a selection of live-hosted ultra-realistic escape rooms to choose from
  • Virtual Escaping. Provides an online escape room experience that you can enjoy from multiple devices, anytime, and anywhere
  • The Escape Game Remote Adventures. This platform allows you to work together on Zoom to solve puzzles and “escape the room”

Play a virtual card game

How’s your poker face? See who folds under pressure and who can play the hand they’re dealt with a game of long-distance blackjack, Go Fish, or another classic card game. For a particularly memorable long distance date night, set up a video call and suggest a game of strip poker.

Handy tools:

  • Provides online rooms to play a variety of card games with your partner
  • VIP Games. Offers a platform to play card and board games online, both as a website and a mobile app
  • CardzMania. Features over 50 card games that you can play online with your partner​

Play a shared multiplayer game

Whether you like swords and sorcery, shoot ‘em ups, puzzles or cozy farming games, there are heaps of video games out there that are practically designed to be enjoyed by long-distance couples. Our favorite pick? Stardew Valley.

Handy tools:

  • Cross-Platform Games. Titles like Genshin Impact and Final Fantasy 14 allow players to play together regardless of the platform they are on
  • Overcooked! 2. This is a fun and chaotic cooperative cooking game that can be played across multiple platforms including Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and PC
  • Dauntless. A cooperative action game heavily inspired by the Monster Hunter series, available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

Experience Something

Watch a TV show or movie together

Snuggle up with your favorite snacks and watch a movie or TV show together! It’s simple, fun and super easy to sync up with the apps listed in our guide to must-have apps for long-distance relationships.

Handy tools:

  • Netflix Party (now Teleparty): This browser extension synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO.
  • Kast: An app that allows you to watch movies or shows together and share your reactions in real-time via voice or text chat

Share a virtual tour

Go traveling without leaving the comfort of your own home. Visit a museum virtually and explore the exhibits together or head to a city neither of you have ever been on Google maps and go exploring.

Handy tools:

  • Google Arts & Culture: Explore museums, galleries, and landmarks virtually.
  • Zillow: Browse homes and dream about your future together, or even plan a virtual move​.

Attend a virtual concert or show

Virtual concerts really took off during COVID and there are still plenty of livestreams online that are perfect for long-distance couples who still crave a shared experience.

Handy tools:

  • StageIt: An online venue for live performances.
  • VEEPS: Provides live streams of concerts and events​.

Have a virtual picnic

Set up a picnic blanket on the living room floor, set up a webcam, pop some bubbles and enjoy a long-distance picnic together. For bonus points, link up with your phone’s mobile hotspot and head out into nature with your loved one for a true long-distance al fresco experience. Just add “laptop” to your picnic checklist.

Handy tools:

  • Zoom or Skype: Set a time, prepare some food, and have a virtual picnic via video call​.

Have a virtual workout session

Fancy showing off your yoga moves? Get active together and participate in a virtual workout or yoga class. Make it a regular thing and you and your partner are guaranteed to be in fantastic shape when you’re finally back in touching distance.

Handy tools:

  • Zoom or FaceTime: Set up a virtual workout session and exercise together.
  • FitXR: A VR fitness app for more engaging workouts​.

Have a virtual happy hour

There’s no barrier to a great bar, long distance included. Pour your favorite drinks and enjoy each other’s company in an at-home cocktail experience. Bonus points for making your partner a personalized cocktail menu so they can grab ingredients beforehand. You can gossip, joke around, and catch up on your day while sipping your favorite beverages.

Handy tools:

  • Drunk Pirate: Play interactive games while having a drink.

Listen to podcasts together

If you’ve got an interest, there’s a podcast for that. Share your favorite podcasts with your partner on your next date night, or go and discover a new shared ‘cast together. Don’t have time to get through a whole episode? Finish up in your own times and set up a time to chat about it – two date nights in one.

Handy tools:

  • Spotify: Create listening sessions to enjoy podcasts together.

Plan Something

Plan your next date night

This is a two-for-one. Planning your next date nights can be just as fun as actually going on them. It’s all about the anticipation! Take an evening and brainstorm ideas for your next virtual date night and, if you and your partner are Cupla users, add them to your To Do list. Good thing you’re already reading something with plenty of ideas to make your own 😉

Handy tools:

  • Cupla. Found the perfect long distance activity but need to find the right time? Cupla has you covered with automatic scheduling suggestions and calendar synchronization. 

Plan a virtual vacation

What’s life without a little fantasy? Dream up your perfect vacation and plan either a real or virtual version of it. Research your ideal destination, find out the cool activities you can do there, and make an itinerary. And don’t limit yourself with just boring old “real” places. Plan a trip to Westeros, Tatooine, Twin Peaks. Get creative!

Handy tools:

Share your bucket list

Even if you think you know everything about your partner, they might have something on their bucket list to surprise you. Spend some time sharing your wildest dreams and aspirations and figure out a way to make them happen together.

Handy tools:

  • Cupla. Cupla has a handy To-Do List feature that can be shared between you and your partner, and works great as a bucket list organiser.
  • Trello: A collaboration tool that can be used to create and share bucket lists..

Add all these ideas and discover more great date night plans for long-distance relationships through Cupla, the only shared calendar app designed exclusively for couples. Automatically find the best time for your next date no matter what timezone you’re each in, set reminders and notifications to ensure you always find time for one another, and fill up your in-app To Do lists with dates, gift ideas and more.

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