8 of the Best Sex & Wellbeing Apps for Couples

8 (More) Apps for Better Sex & Wellbeing for Couples

From spicy dares to intimacy quizzes, these 8 apps are perfect for couples looking to explore, learn and experience new and exciting ways to be together.

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1. Pillow

Pillow was originally designed as an app, but now exists as a set of 35 mindful audio “practices”, created by industry experts to help couples reignite their spark.

These audio practices come in many flavours. One example is “The Art of Noticing”, which guides couples in observation without judgement. Meanwhile, “15 Kisses” suggests 15 kisses of varying intensity and location to spice things up. There’s even one section called “Time Bomb”, which features a countdown to action, intended to remind users that anticipation is a big part of the pleasure of intimacy.

All these exercises are designed to build a stronger physical and emotional connection between partners, providing you with the time, space and direction required to appreciate each other on a deeper level.

It’s a great way to develop a re-energising blast of sexual inspiration, whether that’s with the aim of strengthening your relationship, reconnecting post-baby, or just finding new ways to relax and get in sync with one another.

2. Kindu

Kindu has made an appearance on our list of the 11 Best Apps for Couples in 2022 – but it’s so good we have to mention it again!

Kindu is an app that empowers couples to explore their relationship and connection through a virtual deck of cards that present games, prompts and intimacy-building questions.

Each card offers a specific prompt, question or challenge, such as the “Nighty Night” card, which calls for the couple to designate a specific lingerie night, or the “Meltdown” card, which instructs the couple to draw a bubble bath and explore a more relaxed form of intimacy. 

If you like a card, rate it up. If you don’t like it, rate it down. Kindu only shows the cards that both you and your partner liked the idea of, ensuring that you both only ever see things you’re both down for. 

If none of the standard cards works for you or you have a sudden burst of inspiration, you can create your own wildcards to secretly add to your partner’s regular questions. This is a great way to open a dialogue about something intimate that you might otherwise find awkward to bring up.

3. Desire

The Desire app is like truth or dare – but without the truth option.

You and your partner send each other dares, choosing from hundreds in different categories such as “Roleplay & Fantasy” and “Dress Code”. Or, if none of them work for you, you can come up with your own.

Each dare is worth a certain number of points. Complete the dare, and you get the points. Refuse the dare, and your partner gets the points instead!

A few rounds of these dares and whoever ends up with the points, wins. But at the end of the final round, all those spicy dares being completed will mean you’ll both end up winners. 

If you and your partner thrive in competition, this is a great way to indulge your adventurous side and learn about each other’s desires at the same time.

4. OhMiBod

Retaining a sense of intimacy is one of the hardest parts of being away from your partner, whether the relationship is long-distance or one partner is on an extended trip. 

OhMiBod connects people on an intimate level regardless of their location by allowing remote control of vibrators through the OhMiBod Remote App. The app can be controlled manually, or it can be synced up to your favourite music.

While it does require the use of specific brands of toys, OhMiBod is an awesome way to stay “in touch” even if you’re not physically close.

5. Lover

Lover takes a scientific approach to sex and love, offering a self-guided sex-positive course designed by real doctors based on scientific evidence. Within, you’ll find guidance for intimacy such as kegel exercises and Coital Alignment Technique, designed for both men and women who may have trouble with sexuality in its many forms.

Best of all, when things get tough, there are in-app experts on-hand to provide more personalised guidance.

When the world is flooded with questionable information about love, sex and wellbeing, Lover offers the ring of truth with the swipe of a finger.

6. Coupleness

Coupleness helps couples vault over relationship roadblocks by providing an easier, more effective way to communicate with each other, resulting not only in better understanding during intimacy, but improvements in all aspects of their shared lives.

Coupleness is based on regular, daily updates that take a minute or two at most to share. All you need to do is choose from topics like communication, dreams, and intimacy and sex, and you can quickly and easily share your perspective and mood with your partner through emojis, text or gifs.

These updates can be as simple as “how was your day?” right through to discussions about hopes, dreams, future and, yes, how they’re feeling about bedroom activities.

For couples who want to stay curious about each other, Coupleness offers a straightforward and easy way to talk about anything.

7. Sex Keeper

Is there anything more guaranteed to get someone hot and bothered than numbers and statistics? No, wait, hear us out!

The Sex Keeper app helps you track your sex life. This includes where, when, how much, how often, for how long, in what positions, and how much fun you had (yes, it has a specific orgasm tracker). It even tracks how many calories you burned. 

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t an app just for giggles. Tracking the quality of you and your partner’s sex life will help you identify what works for both of you – and just as importantly, what doesn’t – resulting in better sex, more often. 

Sex Keeper isn’t just about breaking down the numbers. It’s about removing guesswork in intimacy.

8. Honi

Honi is all about breaking the ice with questions and requests that you may never have thought – or dared – to ask your partner. This includes avenues to share fantasies, positions to try out, Would You Rather?s, and tips on improving intimacy.

The secondary features of Honi are what really makes it great though. It has a relationship timeline so you can remember your favourite moments (and perhaps relive them?). It has a private chat that’s great for secure, intimate discussions and pictures. And, yes, it has a shared calendar too (though we think that Cupla has them beat there 😉 ).

Sometimes, all you need for better sex and wellbeing as a couple is a dedicated date night to spend quality time together. Cupla helps you find the right time for both of you through a dedicated and synchronised shared calendar system, along with tips, tricks and suggestions on what to do and where to do it.

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