Master Your Family’s Schedule with These Top Family Organizing Apps

Families have a lot to juggle on a daily basis! Maybe Dad has to cook dinner after work, Mom has to drop Sam off at football practice, and Gigi has art classes every other day – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many varying schedules, projects, chores, and activities going on throughout the week, and keeping track of it all can feel like putting together a Lego set without a manual.

With family organization apps, chaos can be no more. You can turn forgotten tasks into automated reminders and mixed-up schedules into color-coded calendars, just like that. Whether you’re primarily looking for sharing features, a family journal, a chat feature, or reminders and alerts, there’s an app out there that ticks all your boxes.

Why do you need a family organization app?

Life has become much more fast-paced than it used to be, so it’s no surprise that family organization apps have become a necessity in some households. While only 37% of two-parent households had both parents working full-time, the number rose to 46% back in 2015. And although this means there’s more balance in the household, mothers are still said to do more of the household responsibilities, and fathers still don’t feel as though they spend enough time with their children – according to the same Pew Research study.

A family organization app is a fantastic digital solution to keep everyone in the family aligned. Each family member will have a much easier time staying on top of their own responsibilities while maintaining that sense of teamwork. That means being able to spend more quality time together, enjoying a tidier household, and avoiding missed appointments and forgotten items.

Top 5 family apps to get organized


If you’re on the lookout for the best family organizer planner, OurHome will pop up as one of the best ones to keep any family more balanced, connected, and organized. Its standout feature is its gamified task system, where tasks are incentivized with points or customized rewards. With a like and comment feature attached to each task, parents can encourage and compliment kids to show appreciation and prompt self-improvement. Of course, there are also other useful features, like a grocery list maker and shared calendar.


Cozi is about staying on top of it all. Rated one of the best planners for moms, dads, and all other members of the household, it’s a master planner that juggles all the organization for you. The app’s primary feature is its color-coded calendar, where each family member is assigned their own color for easy visual identification. 

However, it has a lot more to offer than just a calendar. You can access shared to-do lists, shopping lists, and even – a meal planner called Cozi Recipe Box! Meal planning is made super easy when you can save delicious recipes, add ingredients to a grocery list, and schedule meals in the shared family calendar. No more last-minute planning and scrounging to find new ideas; you can start eating healthier and improve your family’s diet.


TimeTree makes daily family life a whole lot smoother by simplifying communication and coordination. Like Cozi, it also has a color-coded shared calendar feature to display everyone’s individual schedules and shared family events. But the app takes things a step further by offering a chat feature, providing a chat space for each event. Everyone can discuss plans and changes or simply check up on each other if needed. And it’s not just about staying in the know – TimeTree encourages families to take a moment and capture memories using the shared photo album feature. 


Flayk incorporates a reward system for task completion similar to OurHome. The interesting part is that if you feel as though you aren’t able to complete all your tasks for the day, you can pass on tasks to other family members. See that your brother has room for a little extra responsibility in the shared calendar? Pass a chore over to him and give him the chance to earn more points. If you’re searching for a more focused app that doesn’t have a bunch of features lumped into one space, Flayk is a suitable option for your family.


You can compare FamilyWall to a central hub for your household, with the homepage being a dashboard to plan meals, manage to-dos, and share schedules and activities. The calendar feature shows where and when events are happening and who’s going, and sets a reminder so no one forgets. There are also other specialty features that the other apps on this list don’t have, including a budgeting feature laid out by category and a real-time location tracker to keep everyone safe and notified.

Cupla: Where Organized Families Begin

We’ve explored a bunch of excellent family organization apps that help households navigate the demands of everyday life, keep everyone connected and on track, and offer game-changing features. But at the core of every organized family is a connected couple.

Cupla is a relationship management app designed specifically for busy couples. The app has everything you might need to prioritize each other and share family responsibilities evenly.

Key Features for couples with families:

  • The #1 Shared Calendar for couples – easily manage your busy family schedule
  • Share responsibilities with To-Dos lists
  • Unforgettable reminders – to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • A simple date planner to help you keep the spark alive
  • Seamless In-App Chat feature – all your comms in one place

So, give Cupla a try and find out how keeping a couple connected can lead to a more harmonious family life. When everyone’s on the same page, streamlining the everyday becomes so much easier. 

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