Cupla versus TimeTree

Cupla versus Timetree

Cupla versus Timetree, discover which app is the best shared calendar for you.

  1. What is Cupla?
  2. What is TimeTree?
  3. Cupla vs. TimeTree Features Comparison
  4. The Final Verdict

Schedules are an essential part of our daily lives. Managing work, perhaps children and your relationship can be stressful without the right shared calendar or relationship management tool in tow. At the same time, you might not want to commit to a particular app before you know whether it’s right for you. 

Fortunately, two of the best shared calendars – TimeTree and Cupla – have a unique set of features and advantages. By comparing each option, you can choose a calendar solution that will work for your lifestyle. Let’s dive in!

The Best Shared Calendar Apps for Couples

What is Cupla?

If Tinder is for finding relationships, Cupla is about what comes after.

Cupla is a shared calendar app that’s designed specifically for couples, created to ensure that you can always find time together. How? Cupla syncs you and your partner’s multiple calendars together, putting them all in a single place so you get one (and only one) view of their schedule alongside your own.

What makes Cupla special is that it analyses your shared calendar and suggests prime times for dates, shared events and other special occasions that fit within you and your partner’s busy schedules. No more scheduling conflicts or missed anniversaries.

On top of that, Cupla provides suggestions for what to do on your newly booked date night, and even allows you to book restaurants directly in the app (New Zealand only at the moment, but we’re working on more!).

With a sleek look and an easy-to-use design, we reckon Cupla is one of the richest and most effective shared calendars on the market. It’s an awesome tool for couples who want to strengthen their relationship with more quality time.

Stand Out Features


      • Compatible with all the calendars on your device plus Google and Outlook

      • Schedule quality time together and see shared events in Cupla and your regular calendar

      • Choose what you do and don’t want to share with your partner

      • Get reminders about important dates like birthdays and anniversaries

      • Get helpful date hints and reminders

      • Set a cadence around date night and set date goals to help you spend more time together

      • Writes any shared events back to your device calendar

      • Clean, easy-to-use design and user experience

      • Add unlimited 3rd party calendars where other apps either offer a limited number or don’t offer this at all

    What is TimeTree?

    TimeTree is easily one of the most comprehensive shared calendar apps available today. It’s packed full of features, designed for everyone from work colleagues to friend groups to families – and yes, even couples. TimeTree’s goal is to create a single place for each and every one of your calendars to live, making it easier to stay on top of your work life, social life and family life.

    “We wanted your living room calendar, work calendar and social calendar in the palm of your hand, with features that allowed you to share and communicate within the calendar itself.” – TimeTree

    TimeTree certainly boasts a long and diverse feature list, but this broad offering means that it can’t be as focused as other apps. It has a fairly complex user experience and a messy interface that takes some getting used to. If you want something simple and easy, this isn’t necessarily the app to go for.

    Stand Out Features


        • The “Full Month” view shows upcoming events at-a-glance and by the month.

        • You can create shared notes and lists around a specific event.

        • It lets you share any events on WhatsApp or any other chat app easily.

        • It also works as a great To-Do list app as well

        • Additional features like feeds and memos.

        • Create multiple shared calendars in one app

      Cupla vs. TimeTree Features Comparison

        Cupla TimeTree
      Price Free Free Version
      Paid Version
      Event Search
      To-Do Lists
      Birthday and Anniversary Reminders
      Multiple Calendars
      Recurring Events
      Calendar Syncing with:    
      Google Calendar
      Apple Calendar
      Privacy Options
      No Ads
      Date Night Goals & Reminders
      In-App Booking
      Event Suggestions
      Designed specifically for couples?
      Available Languages English (but we’re working on adding more!) English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese
      App Store Score 4.9 4.8

      Should you use Cupla or TimeTree?

      Cupla and TimeTree are both shared calendar apps, but they achieve different things.

      Cupla digs specifically into relationships and making time together. We wanted to create a shared calendar that helped you strengthen your relationship and make time for your partner, so Cupla pro-actively suggested date night times and activities, with built-in reminders and goals to help you and your partner stay on track.

      Meanwhile, TimeTree is more about organisation. It’s a great piece of software to keep track of who’s doing what and when with whom, and the feeds, to-do list and event comments keeps everybody in the loop. Families use it, workplaces use it, friend groups use it. But its broad appeal means that it doesn’t have the same depth of features as Cupla if you’re only using it with your partner. 

      The final verdict?

      If you want a generic calendar to stay connected with lots of different people, use TimeTree.

      If you want to stay connected with your partner and strengthen your relationship with curated date night ideas, use Cupla.

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