TimeTree vs Cozi

Timetree vs Cozi

TimeTree vs Cozi, which one is for you? Both of these shared calendar apps are the top choices for thousands of people all across the world. But is there a clear winner between the two? 

We take a look at the features of these giants of technology-driven organisations and see which might work better for you. We also make a suggestion for an alternative to both that you might be surprised to discover!

The Best Shared Calendar Apps for Couples



First up is TimeTree. TimeTree is a shared calendar app, designed for a broad range of people and situations. That includes couples, families, friend groups, even work colleagues. It’s an app that’s devoted to ensuring that everyone you’re connected with – and we do mean everyone – is organised and knows exactly what’s coming up not just in their own day, but in everyone’s day.

Are you, as the forward-thinking organiser, now stuck dictating everything? Not at all! Everyone on TimeTree can create their own, separate calendars and events, ensuring that each individual member of your circle – whether they’e friends, family, or work colleagues – has total control over their own calendars.

This collaborative approach extends to the events themselves too. TimeTree is stuffed full of tools that make it easy to discuss and organise, with every event having its own chat room, comments, notes and even the ability to upload photos. This is incredibly handy, keeping all the need-to-knows and discussion points in one place – no more swapping around from one platform to another just to find out if Aunt Cathy is bringing the salad to the BBQ or not.

Best of all, TimeTree provides a full timeline of all your upcoming events, making it easy to know what’s coming up and what still needs to be sorted out.

Outside of events, TimeTree provides the ability to put together shared wish lists, shopping lists, memos, and so on. Handy for jotting down ideas and keeping yourself organised too!

TimeTree Summary

      • Excellent for organising lots of different people and social circles.

      • Lots of collaborative tools to ensure everyone has their say.

      • Easy to send invites and reminders.

      • Completely free version, with an option to pay for added features under TimeTree Premium.



    And in the other corner, what is probably the biggest name among shared calendar apps, Cozi! Anyone who’s ever looked for a way to keep a family organised has probably come across Cozi- Iite’s a regular top contender for best shared calendar app for families, and for good reason.

    Where TimeTree has a broad appeal and can be used for lots of different social circles, Cozi has been designed specifically for families. 

    Each family member gets their own colour-coded calendar, each with their own events, reminders and to-do lists. All of these can be shared – or not – with other family members, keeping everyone in the know about what each tribe member has coming up that day and what they still need to get done.

    While everyone has control over their own calendars, everyone also gets a full view of what everybody else has on through a shared timeline too. This is a great way to, for example, ensure your partner knows that you’re working late that night, or for the kids to remind their parents about an upcoming field trip that they need a permission slip signed for. 

    Communication within a family unit is a two-way street, and Cozi provides easy ways to ensure that everyone of every age can keep each other in the loop.

    Outside of the main event organisation and shared calendar features, Cozi also provides some handy organisational tools for things like shopping lists and meal plans. Share a grocery list with the family and ask if there’s anything else that people need, and they can add in suggestions themselves. Put together a meal plan, drop that to your kids and let them know what’s on the menu for the next week. 

    One especially cool feature is the ability to mix and match the calendar features and the notes features. For example, you can add the ingredients from your meal plan to your shopping list with just a couple of clicks, then put that shopping list onto your calendar, reminding you to pick up these particular items on a particular day or time. It’s all seamless.

    The main issue with Cozi, however, is that each person has to have their own email address to use it – something that your younger kids may not have yet. This would be a problem for other shared calendar apps too, but when Cozi styles itself explicitly for families, this is an oversight.

    Cozi Summary

        • Designed exclusively to help keep families organised.

        • Individual calendars that sync to form a single, cohesive family plan.

        • Excellent, seamless integration of to-do lists and shopping lists with the main calendar.

        • Single account for the family but requires individual email addresses for each person.


      Final Verdict

      So what’s the final verdict? Is TimeTree or Cozi better?

      TimeTree and Cozi may both be shared calendars with some overlap in features, but they appeal to different kinds of people. 

      TimeTree is a great choice for someone who wants to keep lots of different social circles organised. It has excellent collaborative tools to ensure everyone gets a voice.

      Cozi is a great choice for someone who specifically wants a better view over their family organisation. It’s far more specific and has features that are perfect for keeping a small group of people in the know.

      Either is a great choice!

      But what if there was something even better? 

      What if you’re looking for an app that’s designed not for lots of social circles, not for your family, but specifically catering to you and your partner?

      I hope you don’t mind if I present a third option…

      Introducing Cupla

      Cupla is a shared calendar app that’s designed to not just help busy couples stay organized (though it does that too!), but also to act as a personal assistant to help partners find quality time together. Sync your calendars from Outlook, Google Calendar, and more, and let Cupla do the hard work of finding gaps for you.

      And once you’ve found a time that works for both of you? Plan your date night easily in one spot! It even lets you set goals for date night frequency and preferences. The cherry on that Cupla’s shared calendar sits amongst a suite of tools including a shared To-Dos list and reminders, Chat feature and Date Planner – making it a one stop shop for your relationship.

      TimeTree and Cozi are fantastic apps that are great choices to stay organised – but Cupla goes one step further than just organization. It ensures that you and your partner always find time for love in a busy schedule – and with many new features on the way, this is just the beginning of what Cupla has to offer.

      Want to learn more about how Cupla can help you and your loved one stay organized? Try Cupla for free on iOS or Android.

      Download Cupla

      Meet the app for couples – revolutionizing how busy couples connect.Share calendars, manage to-do’s & reminders – plan life together.

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