6 Free Relationship Apps to Help Couples Communicate & Strengthen Their Bond

In this day and age, technology seems to be intertwining with every aspect of our lives, including our relationships. It’s almost like if there’s a problem or a need for something, there’s an app out there designed to deal with it. From designing recipes from what’s in your fridge to managing anxiety, why would communication and relationship improvement be off the table? That’s why we’ve pulled together the best free relationship apps to help couples communicate.

With 74% of adult internet users reporting that the internet had a positive effect on their relationship, why not amp things up and try out a relationship-focused app? Today, we’re diving into the world of apps designed specifically to help couples communicate better and improve their bond like never before. Get ready to leverage technology and transform your love connection with these free apps to help couples communicate!

Love Nudge

Love Nudge draws inspiration from the wisdom of the “5 Love Languages”,” this app aims to help you and your partner learn how you’re wired to feel love and use that information to keep the spark alive.


  • Quiz to determine your preferred love language(s).
  • Choose from hundreds of suggested goals or create your own.
  • Set automatic reminders to nudge you to express love in your partner’s language.


  • Solely focuses on the concept of the 5 Love Languages, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • No offline mode – requires internet connectivity.
  • Learning curve if you need to learn about the Love Languages.

Feature Set

  • Quiz results will let you know the percentages of your love languages.
  • Chat feature to nudge and encourage your partner.
  • View and fill your partner’s love tank to keep you on top of your relationship.

Between, The App Couples Love

Between offers up a private space for couples to share and store precious memories and converse with each other through messages, emoticons, and GIFs.


  • Integrated features like chat and photo sharing.
  • Offers an array of cute and expressive stickers that can add personality to conversations.
  • Let’s couples relive shared moments with photos, videos, and more.


  • Limited photo and video storage – must pay for Plus.
  • No overly unique features that are specific to an app for couples.

Feature set

  • Chat with your partner, ability to send each other cute stickers and voice messages.
  • Plan your schedules together with a calendar feature.
  • Share and collect your memories through photos and videos.
  • Countdown for special days.
  • Jot down and share notes or reminders.

Twig – Journal for Couples

Twig is a blend between social media and scrapbooking, a shared private journaling app where you and your partner can document memories and add notes about those special moments.


  • Joint journaling.
  • Offers daily motivational prompts for active communication.
  • Allows users to store and revisit memories.
  • Simple interface.


  • Very focused on scrapbooking – doesn’t offer as many customization or feature options compared to some competitors.
  • The app requires a good internet connection to function smoothly.

Feature set

  • Shared journaling platform for couples to express thoughts and emotions.
  • Built-in thoughtful reminders encourage regular conversations to ensure the communication line stays open and active.

Official, The Relationship App

Official is a vibrant app that is filled with widgets designed to help couples create lasting relationships.


  • Wide variety of fun quizzes, a shared calendar, goal-setting tools, couple’s challenges, and message features all in a single app.
  • Entertaining and engaging content that makes working on your relationship fun and exciting.
  • Shared mood tracker and communication resources are a perfect way to express feelings and thoughts.


  • For some, the amount of features in the app can feel a little overwhelming at first sight.
  • While the app is free to download, many of the in-depth features require a subscription.

Feature set

  • Send virtual hugs, kisses, and more.
  • Learn new things about each other with daily questions.
  • Stay in tune with each other’s emotions with the “I’m feeling…” feature.
  • Take fun quizzes.

Free apps are a great starting point if you’re looking to boost the way you and your partner communicate. However, they typically focus on one key feature, such as a shared calendar, a space for note or photo sharing, or quiz taking.

But, because they might fall short in providing a fuller toolkit for relationship building, the benefits of paid apps can’t be overlooked. With paid couples communication apps, you can unlock features developed by relationship experts, such as in-depth courses, multiple features and support from experts. Let’s take a look at a few premium apps that are well worth the investment.

Cupla [Paid]

Cupla encapsulates communication, planning, and bonding tools into one all-inclusive app for busy couples.


  • Offers a private space for both partners to chat & share pictures, files and videos
  • Provides an organizational touch by allowing couples to schedule dates and reminders and plan daily activities together.
  • Shared calendar syncs and merges with all calendars, including Outlook, Apple, and Google
  • Partners can set and track shared to-dos, reminders and goals, fostering accountability and teamwork.


  • The app might benefit from additional personalization options to further cater to each couple’s unique needs.
  • A more enhanced feature providing regular tips or expert advice could further enhance its appeal.

Feature set

  • Private messaging for couples to engage in conversations away from mainstream social media platforms.
  • Reminder setting for anniversaries, date nights, or other important events.
  • A centralized hub for scheduling and organizing events or plans with a shared calendar that syncs all types of calendars.
  • Date Planner with goals and reminders.
  • Shared to-do lists to help you stay on top of your relationship.

Paired: Couples & Relationship [Paid]

Paired is a paid app that combines fun relationship quizzes, advice from leading experts, and tips for improving communication and intimacy.


  • Fun quizzes and questions to discover more about your partner.
  • Expert advice and interactivity exercises from leading therapists and academics in the field of relationship health.
  • Regular content updates.


  • May not be as helpful for couples who are not interested in self-reflection and answering personal questions.
  • It has no planning features for your day to day life as a couple.
  • Expert articles and exercises can be quite in-depth and time intensive.
  • Paid plans are quite pricey.

Feature set

  • Daily tips and exercises on communication, sex, and connection.
  • Expert advice and courses on various relationship topics in audio and video form.
  • Progress tracking to see relationship development.
  • Q&As and relationship quizzes to foster understanding and communication.

Download Cupla

Meet the app for couples – revolutionizing how busy couples connect.Share calendars, manage to-do’s & reminders – plan life together.

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