The Best Calendar & Time Management Apps For Busy Families

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Looking for the best family shared calendar app? We’ve got you sorted.

Busy families have busy lives and calendars fill up quickly. Vet appointments, school trips, parents’ evenings – and you can’t forget date night. Plus, every extra member of your family comes with more events to track. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Our app, Cupla, makes sure that you and your partner can always make time to be a couple (no matter how busy your family gets), but it’s even better when combined with apps that help keep the rest of your household organised too.

To help you out, we’ve gathered together our favourite apps for families, all designed to allow you to track, monitor, and organise like a pro. 

The Best Shared Calendar Apps for Couples


We’re not going to miss out on our own app!

Cupla is the only shared calendar and time management app in the world designed exclusively by couples, for couples. It’s packed with features to help you a) keep your life organised, b) share your lives more easily and c) find time to be together as a couple.

Using Cupla is as easy as ABC too! You and your partner make individual accounts, sync your calendars from Google, Outlook, or wherever else you may keep your planned events, and Cupla handles the rest.

This means one-click searches for times when you’re both free that would be perfect for a date night. This means instant recommendations for what to do during said date night. This means regular reminders and alerts to help you make sure you always have a heads up about birthdays, anniversaries and other important events.

But that’s just the start of what Cupla can do. We’re always adding new features. Most recently, we’ve introduced a dedicated To-Do list, which can be used to keep track of and assign tasks and chores. You can even keep secret to-do lists for things like gift ideas. 

Think of Cupla as more than just a shared calendar. It’s like a personal assistant for your relationship. We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty awesome. Give it a try on iOS or Android.


Cozi is one of the most popular shared calendar apps available today, and for good reason. It’s an ideal choice for families, providing a single shared calendar that can be accessed through any desktop or mobile device. This shared calendar is then broken down into individual schedules, categorised by colour, and each individual person is notified each day or week of their upcoming events.

It’s a very broad app with a lot of the features you’d expect like shared events, individual and overall schedule views, and collaboration tools, but it also has some neat and unique additions. Our favourite is the recipe box and shopping list features (which can sync to one another), making meal organisation simple and easy.


FamCal is very similar to Cozi in terms of the features it boasts, but it deals with an important problem – Cozi requires each individual user to have their own email. If you have young kids, they might not have one yet. FamCal does away with that requirement but keeps the grocery lists, task lists, a cool shared note feature and shared events.


If your family requires strict discipline to remain organised, then TimePage is the best choice for you. This is a family time management app that does not provide sharing with individual members. The power is entirely in the hands of the person with the app itself. 

With great power comes great responsibility, and TimePage aims to make it as easy as possible for the decision-makers in the family to keep on top of things. One especially cool detail is the “heatmap” visual reminder that tells you the busiest time in a given month. There are also dedicated departure reminders for families on the go (it automatically calculates travel time), as well as a built-in weather widget. 


Look for any recommendations for family calendar apps and you’ll be sure to see TimeTree near the top of the list. It’s a classic shared calendar that can manage several users and views at once, allowing you to keep track of who is doing what, when and with who. 

One unique TimeTree feature is the fact that it makes it as easy as possible for users to organise events even with people who don’t use TimeTree. There are one-time event share invites, which can be delivered through email, Facebook Messenger, text, and more. Very handy for sharing events with friends as well as family.


The last thing you want to do after a busy day is make sure that the kids have done their chores – especially if your kids are less than ecstatic about having to do them! OurHome makes it easy, managing family task assignments and organising day-to-day must-dos. It uses a gamified approach that makes chores fun – or at least rewarding – for kids and allows you to keep track of what’s been done and what’s left to do.

OurHome also provides a shared family calendar so you can manage events as well as tasks. This way, everyone knows what they’re expected to do by a specific date.


While some family time management apps are a calendar with a task list attached, Any.Do flips the script and puts tasks at its heart. Various household tasks can be organised into projects and can be further broken down with notes, subtasks and attachments. These can then be shared with the family. It’s like a project management tool for your own family, but far easier to use – and far cheaper.

Any.Do comes with a simple calendar as well to keep track of upcoming deadlines and due dates, but it also has something called the “Moment” feature. This is a quick and easy way to review all upcoming to-do’s, allowing you and your family to instantly prioritise with just a glance.

Google Family Calendar

Google Calendar is a simple and easy-to-use personal calendar app, but did you know that you can create family groups as well? You can add up to 5 members who live in the same country as you to this group and, once set live, it will create a family calendar automatically that is accessible to all group members.

All members can add, view and edit events on this calendar – which might be a good or bad thing, depending on your family members – and it can be accessed on a huge number of different devices.

Struggling to find a spot in your calendar for romance? Download Cupla for free, the best shared calendar app explicitly designed for couples. Receive date night time and date suggestions, book restaurants right in the app, and set date night goals and reminders so you never miss another chance for love. Available on iOS and Android.

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