Cupla Appoints Dr Jessica Maxwell as Resident Relationship and Sex Expert

Dr Jessica Maxwell Relationship & Sex Expert

Cupla is proud to announce the appointment of Jessica Maxwell as our resident relationship and sex expert.

Founders Erika and Will Palmer know from their own experience the importance of quality time and its influence on the quality of our relationships. Quality time impacts nearly all facets of our lives; from our interactions, to our moods, and our sex lives, which in turn affects how happy we are, both in ourselves, and within our relationships. This is why the team are dedicated to building Cupla and sharing it with the world. They are also conscious that our time is valuable and want to ensure they are building a product that addresses the real needs of their users, and that these needs have been validated by science, rather than just their own anecdotal evidence. They believe that by sharing what they are discovering with their users, this helpful information can directly support and encourage happy, thriving couples everywhere using Cupla. 

Cupla have partnered with Social Psychology Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland; Jessica Maxwell and are excited to announce Jess as their new Relationship Expert. Not only is she the super
charming, funny, and honest (the kind of chick we all want to be best friends with) she is phenomenally knowledgeable on what is really happening behind closed doors – including our bedroom doors.

Jess’s research and expertise is focused on factors that help couples have more fulfilling sex lives and relationships. She gives Cupla a hyper credible source and an in-house authority to speak on all
thing’s coupledom, supported by findings from thousands of couples across the globe. Believe it or not, they all contribute to and support the message that quality time is in fact the key to relationship
success’ and nobody facilitates quality time quite like Cupla.

Check out Jessica’s first article here where she discusses the impact of Covid on relationships and key insights couples can take from the experience.

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