10 Best Apps for Couples in 2023

We’ve put together 10 of the best apps for couples in 2023, including apps for planning date night, apps to help you communicate, even apps for keeping things exciting in the bedroom. A stronger relationship is just an app download away!

The quest for true connection with your partner doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t over once you say “I do” either. A great relationship takes time, effort and hard work – just like anything worth having! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few techniques and technologies you can use to make the journey easier for both you and your partner. Read on to discover our top picks of apps for couples in 2023.

The Best Shared Calendar Apps for Couples

Scheduling & Organisation Apps

Finding time to be together, getting life out of the way so you can better connect as a couple, scheduling and getting your days sorted as a couple is often the first step. Here are the best apps for couples to plan their lives in 2023.


Like many other shared calendar apps, Cozi is designed to help keep your tribe organised by making sure everyone is on the same page about upcoming events. 

Unlike other shared calendar apps, however, Cozi is designed specifically for families, providing features like shared shopping lists and to-do lists. It even has a built-in recipe box that you can quickly add shopping requests to, so you always have what you need for a delicious homecooked meal – no matter who’s doing the cooking or the shopping.



You knew we had to make an appearance on our own list! If Tinder is for dating, Cupla is for what comes after, providing a shared calendar app for couples designed to help you plan time together.

Cupla brings your worlds together with the ultimate shared calendar and automated reminders, helping you and your partner create better time together. No more diary disconnects, no more forgotten birthdays or anniversaries, no more missed opportunities: just more quality time with the person you love. Cupla also features the only To-Dos list designed specifically for couples, allowing users to seamlessly manage everything from grocery lists, shared chores lists, or even their travel bucket lists.


Merge is all about making it easy to understand what your partner needs and when they need it, allowing you to create shared to-do lists for chores, shopping and bills along with reminders, urgency indicators and the opportunity to make tasks recurring. 

It even features the ability for you, your partner and anyone else in your household to vote and comment on decisions. No more forgotten chores and no more arguments about who was supposed to take the bins out this week!

Merge App


For many couples, it’s not just their own calendars that are important for their scheduling – it’s their friends’ and families’ too. Raft is the shared calendar app for couples whose social lives are just as important as their relationships, extending the typical shared calendar experience out to close friends and families too. 

Every shared event is customisable, commentable and shareable, ensuring that everyone knows what’s on this week. It also helps you uncover gaps for quality time together, whether it’s just the two of you, your friendship circle, the family, or all of the above!



TimeTree can help you organise your life, whether you’re a brand new couple looking for gaps in your schedule for together-time, or a full-fledged family trying to organise kids activities, chores and shopping into an already busy schedule.

The TimeTree difference is that it’s also built for wider social groups, allowing friends, families and even colleagues in small teams to keep track of who’s doing what and when. With built-in notes and comments, it’s a broad, comprehensive app that’s suitable for a variety of different situations.

TimeTree app store

Sex & Wellbeing Apps

Getting more intimate, bringing spark to the bedroom – here are our picks for sex and wellness apps for couples this year.


Communication is key in any relationship, but perhaps no more so than in a romantic one. Coral is a science-based, expert-vetted app that is designed to “improve your intimate life” by ensuring that you and your partner have a safe, educational and practical space to improve your communication during intimacy – physical, emotional or otherwise. It includes mood tracking and desire levels so you can see exactly how much progress you and your partner are making in your intimacy journey. 

Best of all? Every Coral subscription comes with access to a range of intimacy coaches and advisors. You’ll always have help if you need it.


Intimately Us

Intimately Us is about one thing: building more intimate and passionate marriages and relationships through great sex. This app helps couples “spice things up without the yuck”, providing a fun, clean, honest and mature environment for achieving better intimacy. The app comes with customisable games, daily challenges, and a “sexploration list” (full points for the name alone) to help you and your partner try new things.

There are plenty of non-sex-related features as well, such as conversation suggestions to help build deep and meaningful conversations for improved mutual understanding and emotional connection.



Kindu is about making intimacy into an “exciting adventure” between you and your partner, using card decks and suggestion features to help you and your partner discover and rediscover new ways to be intimate.

Every day, you and your partner are presented individually with suggestions and asked to rate how interested you are in trying it out. If both of you agree, your partner is informed instantly, making it easy to find new, shared desires with just a couple of taps.


Romance & Communication Apps

If truly connecting with the most important person in your life is a top priority (and it should be) try these three apps for couples intimacy. Designed to prompt, nudge and guide you to connect at a greater level and make building your relationship a priority.

Gottman Card Decks

Once you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it can sometimes feel like you already know everything there is to know about your partner – the Gottman Card Decks app shows you not just how much more there is to learn, but how exciting that process of discovery can be.

This app provides a series of conversation starters and discussion topics, ways to express your feelings, even prompts and ideas for date nights and activities. It’s all designed to help you and your partner know each other, truly, madly, and deeply. It’s effective for one simple reason: it’s designed by the Gottman Institute with over 40 years of clinical research into relationships and why they succeed (or why not).

Love Nudge

If both you and your partner live busy lives, it’s easy to “let love lie” and for your usual expressions of affection and love to go unsaid. Don’t worry – it happens to everyone. Love Nudge is here to provide an easy way to connect and reconnect with your partner, using the renowned Love Languages framework to help you learn easy and effective ways to show your partner you love them, no matter how busy you both may be. 

You can exchange “˜nudges’, track goals and even monitor each other’s “˜love tanks’ to better know when your partner may be in need of a romantic pick-me-up. Love Nudge puts it best themselves: “it’s like having a personal assistant for your relationship”.

Love Nudge in the app store


Knowing when you have time available to get together is a key element of any relationship, to that end we’ve created a list of The 5 Best Shared Calendar Apps For Couples here.

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