34 Date Night Ideas for Every Kind of Couple

Getting stuck in a rut for your next date night idea? Let’s broaden those horizons with 34 awesome date night ideas for every kind of couple: from foodies to explorers to true romantics.

The Ultimate Picnic Date Checklist

For the Foodies

  1. Make a recipe together. Tried or true or brand new, cooking together is a great way to connect with your partner and end up with some tasty treats at the end of date night.
  2. Go on a picnic. Make the most of the great weather with some al fresco dining. Check out our picnic checklist for some tips on creating a great experience.
  3. Go wild berry picking. Or fruit picking! There are plenty of tasty treats growing wild, just waiting to be picked by you and your partner.
  4. Go out for dessert. Skip the main course and go straight for the sweets. Bonus points if you go somewhere neither of you have ever been before.
  5. Tour a brewery. Many local breweries offer free tours. Take advantage and pick up a new favorite brew or two to take home.
  6. Go to a farmer’s market. Fresh produce is the key to making your next recipe really pop. Make a date of it and explore the best food your local area has to offer.
  7. Go wine tasting. If you’re lucky enough to live near a local winery, take advantage of one of their tastings. Not lucky enough? Grab a bunch of varietals from your local shop and DIY it. Bonus points for pairing up with cheese.
  8. Watch a movie. Dinner and a movie is a classic, but for a truly memorable experience, try it to a theme. The Godfather and Italian food, James Bond and martinis, The Avengers and shawarma – you get the idea.
  9. Take a dollar menu date. A new experience and thrifty? Make a date out of trying the cheapest possible food items from your local takeaways. You might find a new favorite.
  10. Have a breakfast date. Turn the evening date night on its head and make breakfast together. Mimosas encouraged.

For the Explorers

  1. Play tourist in your hometown. When was the last time you got tourist trapped in your local area? Take an afternoon or evening to hit up your local landmarks and explore a new side of your local area with your partner.
  2. Take a hike. Get yourself some nature with your main squeeze and explore a place free from the sights and sounds of civilization.
  3. Hit the beach. Sand, surf, sun and plenty of skin. Weather permitting, we bet you can’t come up with a better and simpler date idea.
  4. Take a day trip. Find out where a tank full of gas can get you! Check out the next town over, or the next few towns over – it’s an adventure that anyone can enjoy.
  5. Visit the zoo or aquarium. Visit some fuzzy or finned friends and support your local wildlife preservation efforts at the same time. You might even learn something.
  6. Arrange a scavenger hunt. This one is sure to impress – bonus points if you can make one that recreates an important date and/or features all the places most important to you and your partner.

For the Playful Types

  1. Play a board game. Did you know there are plenty of two-player board games? There’s even some specifically designed for couples. Hit up your local hobby store and find a new way to play.
  2. Play video games. It’s 2022 – nearly everybody is playing a video game of some description. But you don’t have to play alone! Find a co-operative or competitive splitscreen game and get going. Stuck for recommendations? Try It Takes Two.
  3. Play a role-playing game. Former theatre kids rejoice! Tabletop RPGs are more popular than ever and there are even a few adventures designed for couples. Time to put on your cloak and wizard hat and create a new adventure together.
  4. Go bowling. Possibly the only time you’ll actually want to strike-out during a date.
  5. Play laser tag. Relive your tenth birthday and show your partner who’s really the best shot in town. 
  6. Head to an arcade. Dance Dance Revolution, House of the Dead, skeeball – there are so many ways you and your partner can enjoy a date night in arcadey competition.

For the Chillaxers

  1. Have a spa night. Chill music, facemasks, finger food and mutual massages: a just-for-two spa night is a great way to relax with your partner and come out the other side looking happier and healthier too.
  2. Visit the botanical gardens. Not the hiking type but still love nature? Visiting your local botanical gardens is a relaxed way to ensure some quality time with the love of your life.
  3. Plan a future date. Planning a date is sometimes just as fun as going on one. That’s why it’s one of our top tips for ensuring you never miss another date night! Put on your thinking caps and dream of what’s next in your calendar.

For the Lifelong Students

  1. Practice a language. Romantic, yes, but also a great way for you and your partner to have a secret way to chat when others are around too.
  2. Explore a museum. Learning is sexy! If you can’t make it to a physical museum, many famous museums have fantastic virtual tours as well.
  3. Listen to a lecture. Your local library or university may have free lectures that both you and your partner find stimulating.
  4. Play trivia at a bar. Put your knowledge to good use and maybe win a bar tab at the same time.

For the True Romantics

  1. Read each other romance novels. Steamy romance novels are a great way to get your creativity flowing – but cringey ones can be great for a laugh too.
  2. Choose library books for each other. See how well you know each other’s tastes and pick a book for one another from the local library.
  3. Write each other love letters. The gushier, the better!
  4. Relive a past vacation. Load up old photos and videos and relive some fun times past – and maybe plan your next one too!
  5. Ditch the tech. Live for an evening without technology. Think candles, campfires and cuddles.

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