8 Conversation Card Decks For Couples

If you’re looking for an easy way to spark some excitement into your date nights… these 8 conversation cards for couples are for you! Conversation card games are decks of cards, or sometimes games, designed to inspire deeper conversations with questions to ask each other. Whether you want to build on your connection in the early stages of dating, inject some spice into your sex life or deepen your connection… there is a card game out there for you and your partner.

Card games are easy to take in your bag out on a date, on holiday or play at home over a glass of wine. Plus, getting deeper with a conversation card pack together means less screen time on date night!
From the fun and playful to deep and introspective – discover 8 conversation card games for couples that will bring you closer together.

We’re Not Really Strangers – Couples Edition

The business that created this card pack went viral online… and for good reason! We’re Not Really Strangers have created a relationship pack to dig deeper into your connection with different carefully crafted questions and a few wild cards. Built for couples looking to deepen their existing connection, this conversation card game comes with a warning. Warning: May unlock honest answers! This is a great game to play together when you’ve planned your date nights on Cupla.

Talk Flirt Dare

Talk Flirt Dare has a little bit of something for everyone. This deck is split into three categories. “Talk” has conversation prompts to encourage deeper connection, “Flirt” prompts you to share secrets and flirt, and “Dare” is all about initiating a bit of fun and sexy foreplay. If that doesn’t get you excited to play a card game with your partner… what will? This is a great conversation card game for any couple.

Love Map & Open-Ended Card Decks – Gottman Institute

From the infamous Gottman Institute, this conversation card game aims to increase your intimacy and understanding of each other in a fun, gentle way. Research shows that a powerful predictor of relationship stability is whether couples allocate “mental room” for their partner’s world. This means having a mental map of your relationship and its history, and knowing your partner’s past and present concerns, preferences, experiences, and reality. This card deck aims to help you make your “map” with these cards.

LOOPY Date Night Box

This game is great for adventurous couples! You spin the spinner and pick a card from a category, and take turns answering questions. The best part? It comes with a satin blindfold. This game will have you laughing, kissing, connecting and who knows what else!

Love Language: Card Game

Grab a bottle of wine, pour two glasses and try this new card game. With a pack of 150 conversation starter questions, inspired by couple’s psychologists, this game will have you learning more about your partner than ever before. It has five different categories of questions including Past & Future, Intimacy, Family and more. If emotional intimacy turns you on, this is the game for you.

Would You Rather…?: The Naughty Conversation Game for Couples

Would you rather… Watch your partner have a hot and heavy make out session with someone you don’t know, or listen to them have loud, wild sex behind closed doors with someone you do know? This game takes the classic “Would You Rather…?” and turns it into a way to discover each other’s deepest desires. It needs no explaining, and is best-discovered yourselves. This conversation card game is perfect for couples looking to spice up their sex lives and get closer together.

So Cards

While this conversation game isn’t designed specifically for couples, it does contain questions that will help you understand both yourself and your partner, on a deeper level. These cards are not just conversation starters or dinner table questions – the answers could bring you closer than ever or bring out surprising things you didn’t know about your partner (or potential partner).

The Ultimate Game For Couples

This is the best conversation card game for a double date! This game can be played with your partner, or in a team against another couple. With prompts that are a mix of silly and light, to intimate and thoughtful… get to know each other deeper with “The Ultimate Game For Couples”.

There you have it! Eight new conversation card games to play with your partner on your next date. Have you scheduled time for date night recently? Try the ultimate app Cupla now for FREE on iOS or Android and take the first step towards a closer bond with your partner. Your journey to deeper connection starts now. Join us today!

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