Best couple’s to do list apps – for next level relationships

Best couple's to do list apps "“ for next level relationships

A great couples to do list app can help you take your relationship to the next level. Hear me out.

Be it moving in together, getting married or taking a trip, the big events in your relationship all require a healthy dose of task management and sharing duties and responsibilities. The day to day could also do with an equal division of the mundane tasks too right? They say it’s about making the right compromises.   

With that in mind, here are a few options we’ve explored for managing your shared chores and preparing for those special days together. 

The Best Shared Calendar Apps for Couples


The only task manager and to-do list built for couples. From a To-Dos list, to a shared calendar and date planner and more- Cupla has a suite of tools in your hand, designed to bring you closer together.

Cupla is the only app in the world designed for couples, by couples. It’s To-Dos list is designed specifically for couples with features that easily allow you to easily organize your life as a couple. It also offers an incredible suite of other tools to pair with its To-Dos feature, all designed to bring you closer to your partner.

What does a Cupla to-dos list for couples look like in practice?

In practice – Cupla’s To-Dos list is intuitive, easy to use and customizable to suit your needs as a couple. You can customize your to-do list with labels, priorities, due dates and more.

A huge benefit is being able to easily assign tasks to your partner, set dates and keep track together. From creating Chores lists, to Errands or Travel packing and plans and Renovations… Your To-Dos list options are full of endless possibilities. If you need more convincing, why not check out 23 fantastic ideas to add to your couple to do list!

The best part is being able to connect tasks on your To-Dos lists with your shared and individual calendar events using Cupla’s shared calendar feature. Your partner will never miss an important task or date again!

Not only can prioritize tasks, set reminders and set who is responsible for each task… but you can also set private to-do lists. You can secretly keep track of things your partner may have mentioned that you don’t want to forget. For example, date night ideas or gift ideas for a future birthday or anniversary!

You can also chat about your upcoming To-Dos in a private chat channel – keeping all your relationship admin in one spot built just for you.

On Cupla, your To-Dos list sits amongst a group of amazing features all designed to help you organize your life as a couple and spend better time together.

Download Cupla for iOS and Android.


5/5 – Cupla is built by couples, for couples. It is intuitive, simple to use and constantly has new features being added, backed and designed by Relationship & Sex experts. It’s To-Dos list pairs with a shared calendar, chat and other tools—meaning all your relationship management needs are in one easy place. Our top pick!


Infinitely flexible. Incredibly productive for teams of all sizes. Trello manages everything, from big project details to micro tasks. Collaborate anywhere, even on mobile.

Trello quickly became an office go-to for cloud based project management. It offers a simple, adjustable to do list that office and knowledge workers can use to manage projects and workflows in “boards”.  A handy calendar view allows you to see just what’s coming up this week too.

Using both internal and external Trello boards for work, creating a separate board for sharing with your partner could be an easy extension. There’s even a handy selection of home templates you can copy and use for things like meal planning, renovations, vacation planning and household chores.  

What does a Trello to-do list for couples look like in practice?

My home board, has a collection of household chores, landscaping projects, holiday planning and kids activities. Some of these activities need scoping out if they’re a big task, so we have a stage for that.  

Trello example todo list board for couples.

By placing the activities in a Trello board we can prioritize tasks, set reminders, set who is responsible and most of all not let important thighs like date night slide. As a family it also allows us to manage our time between tasks and having fun with the kids.  

You can add images to a task to liven it up, or to explain what you’d like, this is handy in renovation tasks, or for remembering what kind of light bulb or screw type you needed to get. 


4/5 – Trello is intuitive, simple to adopt and has flexibility as a couple’s shared to do list. Adding images to a task can brighten up an otherwise mundane list. It also comes with a number of plugins to connect with your work lists, other apps and productivity tools that can come in handy. In saying that, it is definitely more of an office/work tool – so lacks the personalisation that an app built for couples, like Cupla, has. Our second pick.


Become focused, organized, and calm with Todoist. The world’s #1 task manager and to-do list app.

Todoist, born as a more traditional minimalistic checklist, allows you and your partner to share tasks and have multiple lists.  Like Trello, you can access Todoist on all devices and platforms. 

Once you have invited your partner to a to do list on todoist, it is simple to assign and share tasks with them. You can and both see common unassigned tasks and add due dates and reminders. 

What does Todoist for couples look like in practice?

Todoist is minimalistic, easy to pick up and has all the features and functionality you need to create, assign and add due dates to tasks. You can even have multiple lists, for special events or larger groups of tasks, like moving house. 

Moving house to do list with Todoist

Like Trello, Todoist also has a number of handy list templates that you can adapt and make your own.

One use case that jumped to mind when exploring their templates was creating a Couple’s Bucket List from the goal tracker template. At work we often create KPIs, ORKs and Goals for the year. Just imagine the places you could go and the things you could do as a couple were you as diligent with the most important relationship in your life.


3/5 – loads of list templates, easy to use and intuitive.

Microsoft To Do

Focus, from work to play with the best to do list app

For those with a Microsoft account, their web app to do list is another alternative to consider. 

With many of the features of the other two apps. The only major drawback of Microsoft To Do being it is a web app. This means you’ll need an internet connection to see it and notifications for due dates and reminders will come to your email address, rather than as alerts in an app (as they do with Trello and Todoist). 

What does Microsoft To Do look like in practice?

The apps is great. Coming from the original Wunderlist, often praised as one of the best web app to do lists, it has lots of handy features. You can allocate tasks, set reminders and even set recurring tasks, like putting the rubbish out every Monday, or recycling each fortnight. 

Adding reminders and alerts to Microsoft todo


2/5 – the lack of a dedicated mobile app takes Microsoft To Do further down our, um… to do list.

Tick choosing a to do list app off your list

Whatever your final choice in a to do list app, I guarantee that taking the time to divide and conquer the to do list as a couple will be a major step forward to ditching all the awkward: reminding, forgetting and re-reminding moments in your relationship. Add a great couple’s shared calendar, and you’re well on your way to focusing on connecting instead.

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