The Top Grocery List Apps For Couples & Families

Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could wave a magic wand and have our fridges and pantries fill up with exactly what we need for the week from the store? It’s no secret that not many people enjoy going grocery shopping, hence the rise of grocery delivery options on apps like Uber Eats. But being able to shop from the comfort of your home and have someone deliver directly to you can be a luxury that comes at a price – and not all of us are willing to fork over the cash.

Fortunately, grocery list apps exist to help us avoid the “What should I buy?” and “What did I need again?” confusion and save us from coming home without the essentials. It’s changed the way we shop and has transformed our supermarket trips into well-organized missions. Packed with features like list syncing, aisle sorting, budget functions, and smart suggestions, these amazing apps are must-haves. Get ready to make grocery shopping that much more bearable – and perhaps even exciting!

Why you need a grocery list app

Unorganized grocery shopping can cause a lot more unnecessary stress and trouble than you might think. Maybe you’ve gone on an empty stomach and overspent on an impulsive purchase or are stressing about a forgotten item – there are countless things that turn a simple grocery run into a disaster.

Grocery list apps have the potential to reduce household food waste (which makes up 39% of all food waste, according to Feeding America), promote healthier eating habits, and lessen the load of thinking about how you’re going to navigate that grocery shop. The Washington Post mentions how something called cognitive offloading, specifically intention offloading, can help us remember more. That means offloading what’s in our brain to somewhere outside our head – in this case, a grocery list app.

And that’s not all! By sharing the task of creating a grocery list, communication and the division of chores get better and easier, which, according to many studies, improves relationship satisfaction.

Top 8 grocery list apps for couples and families


Cupla is all about streamlining relationship admin so couples can focus more on what matters most; each other. Cupla’s new Grocery List feature is designed with couples in mind. No more last-minute texts, forgotten chocolate or lost scraps of paper. Users can see who has added what to the list and when items can be quickly added from the database of common items, favorites can be saved for next time, and everything is categorized by aisle. The best news? This feature can be used absolutely free, with no subscription needed.


Meallime is more than just a grocery list app. Being meal plan-focused, it’s the perfect handy helper for busy couples and families who need a hand with figuring out what to eat. It’s unique in that it offers customizable meal plans tailored to specific dietary needs, preferences, and allergies. Whether you’re interested in a tomato gnocchi or a simple stir-fry, there are countless vibrant recipes in various categories for everyone. Its top feature? The ability to convert those meals into organized grocery lists categorized by supermarket aisles.


AnyList is most popular for its smooth ability to share and sync lists across multiple devices. Need butter? Simply add it to the list, and your partner or family members will know, even while they’ve already started shopping. It also has other dynamic features, including item adding through Siri and Google Assistant and collecting recipes from other sources like blogs, websites, and emails.

Our Groceries

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use app with no frills, Our Groceries has everything you need. With real-time syncing capabilities and an intuitive interface, grocery shopping becomes a seamless task. You can easily organize and categorize your grocery list the way you want and even attach photos if you prefer that visual quality. Like AnyList, it also comes with voice assistant compatibility, so you can add items through voice commands.


Listonic is all about saving time and money. Unlike the others on our list thus far, you can create your shopping list even quicker with smart AI suggestions. And better yet, you can even budget better by adding prices to your grocery list to avoid spending more than you should. Of course, you can enjoy shared lists and instant changes, but you can even find localized products specific to your country. If you have a smartwatch, you can even wear your shopping list for added convenience!


What sets Bring! apart from its competition is its visual appeal. The app uses product images to make your grocery list more intuitive and user-friendly, especially if you like working with images and widgets. It focuses on the entire journey – from planning to purchase – giving you an opportunity to make a variety of lists and store all your loyalty cards in-app. Bring! even lets you get inspired through its collection of daily recipes from popular recipe platforms and blogs.


Flipp does more than just jot down what you need and makes sure you’re getting the best deals every time you shop. This app has an all-inclusive approach to shopping, with the ability to hold shopping lists, coupons, and weekly ads. That means you’ll never miss a discount or deal on anything from cereal to smoked salmon. As a bonus, Flipp compares prices across multiple stores and lets you add coupons directly to your loyalty cards.


MealBoard is an all-in-one meal planner, recipe organizer, pantry inventory, and grocery list maker that will make managing your kitchen and grocery shopping escapades as simple as pie. If you’ve ever wondered how much sugar is left in your pantry, or if you ended up using that last yellow onion, MealBoard can help you keep track of items in stock. There’s also a useful calendar that helps you plan your meals for the household, a place to compile your favorite recipes, and budgeting features.


Our daily lives are busy, and employing technology to simplify anything we can is one way we can make the everyday less overwhelming. These handy grocery apps are almost like having a personal assistant right in your smartphone, an assistant that can improve communication with your partner or the family and make grocery shopping a lot less of a chore. 

Cupla offers a full solution for couples. Cupla effortlessly organizes your life by merging your shared calendars, creates collective to-dos, provides a platform for communication, and offers a fun, simple date night planner, among other nifty tools. Not only does it do all those things, but it also offers the ability to make specialized grocery lists – making organizing groceries easier than ever.

If you’re interested in revolutionizing your grocery shopping, as well as all aspects of your relationship and daily life organization, it’s time to give Cupla a go! Start a free trial today and discover how Cupla can help you synchronize life with your partner and amplify your connection.

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