Reignite your Spark with These Awesome Sex Position Apps

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Embrace the digital age with these amazing sex position apps! We’ve curated a selection of the most fun, easy to use and, let’s face it, engaging apps (wink wink) designed to help couples like you reignite that spark.

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Let’s Get App-y: Top Sex Apps for Couples

No more hopeful guessing to figure out new positions or techniques; these top sex position apps have got you covered. We’ve handpicked the best of the best for you and your partner to enjoy. Let’s take a peek at what these apps have to offer:

1. iKamasutra: Unleash Your Inner Love Guru

iKamasutra brings ancient wisdom to your fingertips with a modern twist. Boasting over 100 positions, each accompanied by detailed illustrations and descriptions, this app makes it easy to find new ways to connect with your partner. It’s also super classy, with professional, easy to follow instructions and tasteful illustrations.

  • Looking for a little spontaneity? The random position selector adds an element of surprise to your intimate encounters with a simple shake.
  • Use the categories to guide you towards a more personalized experience on which positions suit you and your partner best.
  • Love like a movie star! iKamasutra boasts an entire section of their app dedicated to positions seen in popular films. Dinner-and-a-movie just got a little more interesting…

2. Spicer: Turn Up The Heat

Spicer is an engaging app that allows couples to delve into an exciting world of shared sexual exploration. The app creates a secure and enjoyable environment for couples to communicate and match their intimate interests.

  • Spicer provides a plethora of sexual activities, including a variety of sex positions, for you and your partner to swipe on privately. Matches are made when both partners express interest in the same activity, promoting mutual consent and comfort.
  • Try out an assortment of themed packs, such as “Positions” or “Roleplay.” Each pack is filled with a wide array of ideas, ensuring a fresh and creative approach to enhancing intimacy
  • Dare your partner to try out new sex positions or tasks, transforming their intimate experiences into playful adventures.

3. Desire: The Ultimate Bedroom Adventure

Desire42 transforms your love life into an exciting game filled with challenges and rewards. You and your partner will discover new positions and techniques through a series of enticing missions. Yes, they game-ified sex – and yes, it works.

  • Complete dares and to earn points and unlock exclusive content, adding to the thrill of your bedroom adventures. 
  • Share your achievements with your partner, and invite them to join the fun for a truly collaborative experience. 
  • Use Desire42 with Cupla by scheduling your bedroom adventures and keeping track of your progress together.

4. Sex & Intimacy Tracker: Love, Damn Love, and Statistics

Take control of your intimate life with the Sex & Intimacy Tracker by Naughty. This app offers a comprehensive platform to log, track, and visualize your sexual activities and overall intimacy health. In terms of sexual positions, it’s super useful for keeping a log of what worked, when, and how much. It also includes a calorie tracker, because why not?

  • Use the comprehensive tracking and logging capability to get the data on the when, where and how of your intimacy.
  • Learn more about your most close moments with visual representations of intimacy frequency and duration.
  • Try out the rating system to keep an eye on your sexual wellbeing and check out your partner’s version of the app to find out what position works best for them.

5. Dirty Game – Truth or Dare: Double Dog Dare your Partner

Turn up the heat with Dirty Game – Truth or Dare. This app brings a sexy twist to the classic party game, offering pre-set and customizable prompts for a fun and intimate night in. This includes both foreplay and sexual position prompts, making it easy to find something new. So go ahead and dare your partner – double dare them, even.

  • Experience a huge collection of pre-set dares that makes it nearly impossible to see the same dare twice.
  • Use the option to customize and create your own truths and dares if you feel like getting creative.
  • Try the dedicated Couples mode with various levels of intimacy across multiple categories – you and your partner are in total control.

6. Big Book of Kamasutra: Bring Out the Big Guns

They say size doesn’t matter but the Big Book of Kamasutra certainly has the biggest set of sex positions you’ll likely find on any app! This comprehensive guide to the Kamasutra is a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, the Big Book of Kamasutra offers something for everyone.

  • Trawl through an extensive library of sex positions with detailed descriptions and visuals. There are more than 250!
  • Try anything once but return to old favorites with the option to mark favorite positions for easy access.
  • Stay in your comfort zone with a variety of categories and difficulty levels to suit all levels of expertise.

Cupla: The Secret Ingredient for Better Sex

You might be wondering how a relationship management app can contribute to a better sex life. The truth is, great sex often stems from quality time and deeper connection with your partner. 

That’s where Cupla comes in. 

Our couples-focused app helps you effortlessly manage your busy lives together, ensuring you have the time and energy to prioritize intimacy.

Cupla offers automatic date night suggestions based on your schedules, taking the guesswork out of planning romantic evenings together. The app also allows you to sync to-do lists and reminders, helping you stay organized and reducing stress that could otherwise hinder your love life.

Uncover a fun position that you want to try? Add it to your to-do list on Cupla to share it with your partner to get their thoughts and additions. All set and ready to go? Book a date night that works for both of you in seconds. It’s just that easy.

By using Cupla to create a healthy balance between your work, social life, and couple time, you’ll be laying the foundation for an amazing sex life. So, why not give these fantastic sex position apps a try, and let Cupla be your guide to maintaining the connection and intimacy you both deserve. Trial Cupla for free now on iOS or Android.

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