9 Of The Best Date Night Ideas For At Home

Going out for date night can sometimes be a challenge. Whether it’s the pandemic, not having a babysitter, or just not having the energy to go out after a long day… we’ve all been there.

But staying at home doesn’t mean that date night is reduced to watching Netflix and ordering takeout.

We’ve curated a list of nine of the best date night ideas for when you want to stay in.

The Ultimate Picnic Date Checklist

A night under the stars

Order in your favourite restaurant meal or cook your own delicious spread and set up under the stars on a summer night for an exclusive outdoor dinner date, private to just you two.


Visit A Virtual Museum

The Louvre or the Vatican? Many museums across the globe give you the opportunity to virtually find your way around their interiors, minus all the people! Sign us up.


Wine Tasting Kit At Home

Get your hands on a wine tasting kit from The Good Wine and do it yourself with the best type of at-home wine tour, from the comfort of your couch.

DIY Wine & Paint Night

Grab a canvas, some colour and a bottle of wine + enjoy a few laughs while you attempt to become the next Michael Angelo with a Paint By Numbers kit.


Gourmet Chef Cook Off

Treat each other to a friendly competition of entrees versus mains, in a date night cook off full of all your favourite tasty ingredients.

Fine Dining

Comedy Or Concert?

Stream live stand up by your favourite comedian on Netflix or watch a recording on Youtube from a favourite festival or band of yours. Better yet… DIY karaoke anyone?


Take A Virtual Yoga Or Exercise Class

Even if you’ve been exercising at home a little too much over the last year or two. stepping outside of your comfort zone together can be a great way to bond and remember not to take yourselves too seriously. Try a new class together from Sala Auckland or any of the amazing studios offering online classes across New Zealand. Extra points if you get decked out in sweatbands and leg warmers.

Luxury Home Spa Date

Get cosy in your robes and slippers and enjoy a bath with a glass of wine and face masks from The Facialist.

Cocktails On Tap

Order the infamous Espresso Martinis from Black Pineapple Co. or get your hands on the classic ‘Margarita Kit’ from The Cocktail Collective.


This curated list was brought to you by the team at Cupla.

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