6 date night gift ideas to make your night truly memorable

6 date night gift ideas to make your night truly memorable

Date nights are key to a stronger relationship – just ask the experts. But they can be hard to squeeze in among the responsibilities at home, at work, and with the family. Then when you do both manage to find the time, organizing a truly memorable date night is tough. When you’re both exhausted, it’s easy to fall back onto the same tired date routine. Yes, you’re spending time together – but is it really quality time when you’re just going through the motions?

One simple method to make a date night memorable is to include a date night gift. And we’re not talking flowers here (though those are always welcome too!). We’re talking gift packs that come with a date night built-in, ready to go as soon as the box is opened.

So pick a pack that appeals to you, follow the recipe, and find a free evening that works for both of you. These gifts aren’t just presents; they’re excuses to be present. Let’s dig in!

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1. The Travel Date Pack

Explore a new country with your partner without ever needing to leave the bed! Center your date night gift around expanding both of your horizons, whether it’s somewhere you’ve been before and would like to revisit, or somewhere you’ve both always wanted to run away to.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few gift basket starter packs to get you going:

  • Japan. Rustle up some sushi, a bottle of sake, green tea, and line up a documentary about Japan – or maybe an episode or two of anime.
  • Mexico. Authentic takeout from a local restaurant, or buy the ingredients to try making it yourself! Pair with home-shaken Margaritas and you’re on your way to a real fiesta.
  • United Kingdom. For a night of true refinement, acquire a dish or two of cucumber sandwiches, a selection of scones, and, of course, black tea and crumpets with a veritable palace-worth of butter. Then put on Austin Powers and experience true cultural whiplash.

You can apply this same thinking to any country. Get creative!

2. The Bucket List Date Pack

Making plans can be just as fun as fulfilling them. Building shared dreams through a joint bucket list is a surefire way to bring a couple together. In fact, we advocate for date night planning as a date night activity in itself! Show your partner you mean business with a set of smart planning equipment like:

  • Blank journals – bonus points for personalization.
  • Materials to make a date night jar.
  • Tasty snacks – and beverages – to keep your creative energy up.
  • The Bucket List Movie for inspiration.

For best results, prepare your bucket lists separately, then bring them together. Everyone has their own wants and desires and they all deserve to be hard.

3. The Sensory Date Pack

Truly memorable date nights are built on trying new, exciting sensations together. But you don’t have to go far to find a new way to see the world. This date night gift pack is based on focusing specifically on each individual sense: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. 

  • Sight: candles
  • Sound: soft romantic music
  • Smell: new colognes/perfumes
  • Touch: massage oil (warming ones are great)
  • Taste: foods you’ve never tried before.

Between you and me, this is pretty tame compared to what creative couples can come up with. For a spicier take, think blindfolds, furry handcuffs, edible body paint – you get the picture ;).

4. The Movie Night Date Pack

Dinner and a movie is a classic date night – some might even call it a little boring. But there’s no such thing as a boring date if you know how to add a little flair through a date night gift! 

  • Movie snacks like candy and popcorn
  • Ingredients to make a homemade meal together
  • A brand new movie – an old favorite or one neither of you has seen before.
  • Recipes and materials for themed drink options (martinis for James Bond, White Russians for The Big Lebowski, etc)
  • Blankets and pillows for comfort (and maybe hiding under if you’re going the horror route).

Still not convinced? For a truly Legendary Date, include a mini-projector in your date night gift pack and use it to cast your movie onto an entire wall. Mega Extra Bonus Hard Mode? Make that wall one that’s on the outside of your house and add a picnic to the mix.

5. The Blast from the Past Date Pack

Some date nights are about making memories. Others are about reliving them! For this date night gift set, think back to a special time for you and your partner and put together a gift basket that will help you both reminisce on the past and inspire for the future.

One easy place to start would be to revisit your honeymoon. Pick a selection of photos and videos, see if you can find the outfits you used to wear, tune into the music that was popular that year, and grab some dinner from a place that makes your destination’s cuisine.

Of course, if you really want to go all out, this date night gift could be as simple as a pair of plane tickets, an organized babysitter, and a pair of packed suitcases. That’s a guaranteed way to earn some brownie points.

6. The Camping Date Pack

If camping is something you and your partner are into – or have always wanted to try – a date night gift is a perfect way to get started on a new adventure. 

For people new to the great outdoors, you can make a gift pack that includes ingredients for s’mores and campfire hotdogs, a tent for the backyard, a hammock and a portable fire pit (check your local fire laws first).

For couples who are more experienced campers, a camping date night gift could be a new piece of equipment, trying out a new survival skill, exploring a new trail, or heading to a new camping spot. 

Pro-tip: unlike the other gift packs here, it might be better to present this one well ahead of the actual date so you can both plan. You don’t want to spoil an amazing camping date by being unprepared.

Date night gifts are a great way to start your evening off with a bang. But first, you have to find a free evening for you and your partner. Cupla offers a simple solution: the best-shared calendar app designed exclusively for couples. Simply sync your calendars, and set up some date night goals, and Cupla will automatically find the best times for the best times.

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