12 Ideas For Date Night At Home

12 ideas for date night at home

Looking for ideas for date night at home? For those who can’t go out for date night or just don’t want to, it can be hard to find things to do to keep date night interesting. Luckily for you, we’ve curated a list of the best things to do at home together. The bonus is that a lot of these date ideas are budget-friendly, so you can save a bit of money for your next date night out.

So, whether you’re feeling like a bit of fine-dining or dancing”¦ here are 12 ideas for date night at home, to suit whatever mood you’re in.

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Dance the night away at home

From the comfort of your own home, stick to your own pace and learn the moves with your special someone with a virtual dance class! Laugh and enjoy your way through a high-energy, fitness class designed to make you groove!

Have breakfast in bed together

Few things are more romantic than a late morning breakfast in bed with your partner. Order a delicious spread of pastries from a local bakery or brunch to support your favourite cafe.

Visit a virtual museum

The Louvre or the Vatican? Many museums across the globe give you the opportunity to virtually find your way around their interiors, minus all the people! Sign us up.

Go all out for games night

A little bit of fun competition is a surefire way to get the spark going between you and your partner!

Poker or Gin Rummy “” go old school with a deck of cards. Head online to play CodeNames or Jackbox. Get out the board games or gaming console for a full night of competition ahead of you. To take it up a notch, make it a double date situation by inviting friends over or go online and organise an epic online quiz over Zoom.

Get handsy with a pottery kit

Getting crafty is all about letting go, finding your flow, and having fun. Find a local business with crafty kits for busy minds. Often companies will box up their kits with easy-to-follow guides and tips to getting it right, so you can get crafty at home!

It’s time to live out your pottery fantasy like the infamous romantic scene in Ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore!

Plan your next date night

While there’s nothing quite like heading out to a restaurant or bar for date night, the next best thing is planning a fun date. Research actually shows that planning a date can bring you closer together.

Grab a glass of wine and head onto Cupla and use our Date Planner to set up a string of dates to look forward to in the weeks to come. Now that’s romantic!

DIY cook-off

Treat each other to a friendly competition of entrees versus mains, in a date night cook-off full of all your favourite tasty ingredients.

Spa at home

Schedule a time when you can both spend a couple of hours setting up everything you’ll need for your romantic at-home spa date and make a party out of it! DIY Facemasks and bubbles. Yes, please!

Massage night

Who could say no to a relaxing massage? They’re an amazing way to relax and get closer to your partner. Buy a nice massage oil from a local shop, or DIY with some coconut oil from a nearby supermarket or health food store.

Create a travel-inspired dinner at home

Feeling the travel itch but not heading anywhere with your partner? Choose a country you’ve been dreaming of travelling to, and cook a dinner together inspired by that country. It will curb your wanderlust in no time!

Some ideas include:
Italy – Make a homemade pizza or pasta together, paired with a delicious Italian wine.
Japan – DIY sushi using your favourite sushi fillings. You could even buy some Sake from a local bottle shop!
France – Cheese and wine… yes please! Head to a local deli and choose your favourite charcuterie and cheese bits and pieces. Très bien!

DIY wine and paint night

If you’ve been paying attention to the new trendy activities around town, you may have noticed that Paint and Wine nights are the current big thing. They are quite pricey, but fortunately for your wallet, they can be recreated at home! Buy two cheap canvas ad some paints, discover one of the many tutorials on Youtube and make this date night one to remember. Research shows that trying new things with your partner brings you closer together, so get painting!

Comedy or a concert?

Stream live stand-up by your favourite comedian on Netflix or watch a recording from a favourite festival or band of yours. Better yet… DIY karaoke anyone?


So… what are you waiting for? Plan your next date night with your partner on Cupla and try out one of these 12 ideas for your next date night at home.

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