The Best iPhone Widget App For Couples

widget app for couples

Say goodbye to the fear of missing out on special moments or deadlines! Cupla is thrilled to unveil Widgets, our latest feature release, expanding our suite of tools that revolutionize how couples manage their relationship.

Staying on top of your personal life, professional commitments, and relationship can be overwhelming. While widgets have become increasingly popular, helping people access core app functionalities right from their homescreens, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been a widget designed specifically for couples.

With Cupla’s new widget, couples can effortlessly stay up to date with their shared events, important to-do’s, and reminders. Cupla’s widgets make managing your relationship easier than ever by providing a quick and convenient way to access your calendars and to-do’s straight from your home screen.

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of Cupla’s widgets:


  1. View Upcoming To-Do’s and Reminders: Cupla widgets offer a clear and easily accessible display of upcoming to-do’s and reminders. Keep track of shared and individual tasks without navigating away from your homescreen. Stay organized and on top of your priorities effortlessly.
  2. Toggle Between Personal and Shared Calendars: Balancing personal schedules alongside shared commitments is essential for modern couples. With Cupla’s widget toggle feature, you can seamlessly switch between their personal schedule and the shared calendar, ensuring they never overlook any commitments.
  3. Keep Your Relationship Front and Center: With a single glance at the homescreen, couples can see their shared events and reminders, serving as a useful reminder of their lives at a glance.
  4. Convenience & Customization At Your Fingertips: Cupla’s widgets offer six customizable options, allowing you to tailor your experience and make the widgets truly your own. Choose the size, layout, events, and reminders you want to display.
widget app for couples

Discover Cupla’s new widgets, available to all iOS users today.

Having trouble loading widgets? You can find instructions on how to set up Cupla Widgets under “Settings” on the More Tab on Cupla

Cupla is a relationship management app for couples. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features including a shared calendar and to-do’s and date planner – Cupla empowers couples by providing tools for better organization, communication, and relationship well-being.

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Meet the app for couples – revolutionizing how busy couples connect.Share calendars, manage to-do’s & reminders – plan life together.

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