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Melanie and Greg

“My husband travels for work. Between house chores and normal day to day we always felt like we were behind. There was a lot of uncertainty when it came to who does what and a lot of anger when one person felt like they were doing it all. When he was gone I felt like … Read more

Jay and Gloria

“We got Cupla recently after it was suggested from a friend. We both have busy schedules and Cupla has helped tremendously as the holiday season approaches. Dinners, events and trips are easily added to the calendar so we can both plan around our schedules. Thank you very much for making a great product”

Mariette and Cam

“Cupla has significantly improved our relationship by serving as an organizational and communication tool. The platform has streamlined our planning process, making it easier for us to coordinate and anticipate our next dates. With Cupla’s features, we’ve created efficient to-do lists and schedules, ensuring that our time together is well-spent and enjoyable. The tool has … Read more

Sarah and Mark

“Being married with 3 children and moving into our house has left little time for just us. Using this app helps us communicate all the things we need to get done or appointments and then we are able to plan time for us. We were able to block out time to just be us. You … Read more

Ameila and Shaun

“My partner and I both have crazy schedules and a lot of times things come up at last minute. The Cupla calendar gives us a great visualization of our schedules and has helped us so much in making sure we have at least one day a week that we are spending time together. It’s been … Read more

Chris and Philly

“We have such varying schedules and Cupla makes it easy to each other updated with plans. It also makes it easy to see when was the last time we went on a date, prompting us to plan a little something.”

Charlotte and Gabe

“This has helped us communicate our schedules and the idea of scheduling a date sparks joy all over again. The to-do lists make life easier by being able to see what each other have on, and we love the groceries and reminders feature. We love this app!”

Kay & Brian

“Cupla simply combines your appts in one location – we got the added bonus of being reminded to spend time with each other. It has reminders and suggestions. And when you schedule time together and blow it off it doesn’t let you forget you missed a date or “task”. GET THIS APP.”

Cloe and Serg

“Cupla is one of those apps that you never knew you needed. My husband and I definitely struggle to set a side quality time due to hectic schedules. Now at least we can have visibility on our lives at the same time and plan accordingly.”

Kim and James

“My fiancee and I are pretty terrible at setting date nights. We know we should and love it when we do it, but always seems to be forgotten. Cupla makes it super seamless to find empty spaces in our diaries and then book dates all within the app.”