How do I merge my Google and Outlook calendars so I can see both in Cupla?

by | Jun 8, 2022

Category: Cupla FAQ

Are you wanting to merge your Google and Outlook calendars so you can see your complete schedule in one place? If you are trying to do this with Google and Outlook directly you might find yourself going around in a loop of confusing and complicated solutions. Thankfully, with Cupla, you can see ALL of your calendars in one place, in a single merged view. No matter how many you have. This includes Apple, Google, Outlook. Work or personal. Even shared family calendars and friend group calendars can be synced with Cupla.

Through this single view it means you can effectively merge any number of Google and Outlook calendars on Cupla, without having to change the original calendars.

To create this singular view of your complete schedule simply add your calendars to Cupla now. To add calendars to Cupla head to Settings, Calendar Setting, Calendar Connections

Here you can either add your Google and Outlook calendars that are on your device, or use our Direct Connect option. 

Don’t have Cupla yet? You can download it for iOS and Android now.

Merge google outlook calendar


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