How can I sync my calendar with my husband, wife or partner?

by | May 18, 2022

Category: Cupla FAQ

Cupla’s shared calendar for couples allows you to connect you and your partner’s calendars in a single view .

Cupla works by syncing with all of the calendars on your device, plus google and outlook calendars. It also does this for your partner, it then allows to see your partners schedule alongside your own. This makes it super easy to identify when there is space for your relationship. Regular shared calendars allow you to book events that two or more parties can access, but don’t give you visibility over the other parties complete schedule like Cupla does. What’s more, during the setup process, each partner can choose to either show: just if they are free or busy, or the full title and details of each event. This is great for those wanting to keep a few things private, or have work meetings that are confidential.

cupla the shared calendar app - video still

Once you have completed the sign-up and setup process in the, by navigating to ⚙️ settings, calendar settings, you can change:

  • Calendar Connections
    Manage which calendars are displayed in Cupla and connect to third part calendars.
  • Work Hours
    Specify your work week. We won’t suggest dates during work hours.
  • Add to Other Calendars
    Add your cupla calendar to your device


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