The Best Shared Calendar App For Couples 

Cupla is a shared calendar app for couples made specifically for busy professionals.

With some pretty impressive features and an ultra-sleek, polished design, it promises to help you get the most out of your relationship by making it easier to find the time to be with your partner.

How? Cupla syncs both you and your partner’s multiple calendars. It puts them together in one place so you get a single view of your partner’s schedule alongside your own.


Now, for the app’s pièce de résistance. Cupla goes one step further than other calendar apps for couples. It analyses your shared calendar and suggests prime times for dates and shared events between you and your partner’s busy schedules. 

It’s a great way to avoid those pesky scheduling conflicts and stay in sync with your partner, as well as all the other things you have going on.

The app also helps you out with anniversary and birthday reminders. You’ll never miss an important date ever again.

couples shared calendar app

Key Features of our couples shared calendar

  • Compatible with all the calendars on your device – plus Google and Outlook
  • Schedule quality time together and see shared events in Cupla and your regular calendar
  • Choose what you do and don’t want to share with your partner
  • Get reminders about important dates like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Get helpful date hints and reminders
  • Set a cadence around date night and set date goals to help you spend more time together
  • Compatible with Android devices and Apple devices
  • Writes any shared events back to your device calendar
  • Clean, easy to use design and user experience
  • Add unlimited 3rd party calendars
  • Other apps either offer a limited number or calendars, or don’t offer this at all.


Sound like the couples shared calendar you’re looking for?

Click below to download in The App Store or Google Play. 

Rating: 4.9