Inside Dali: The Perfect Event For Date Night

by | May 2, 2022

Inside Dali is set to land in Auckland, and the hype surrounding it’s arrival to Aotearoa is real. As the three-week countdown starts, we’ve covered everything you need to know about this exhibition and why it is the perfect event for date night!

Inside Dali is a featured event on Cupla this month. Head onto Cupla to book it now!

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What is Inside Dali?

Inside Dalí is a new multimedia experience that will give audiences in New Zealand the chance to explore one of the 20th century’s greatest surrealist painters – Salvador Dali.

Arriving in Aotearoa direct from Florence and produced with the support of the GALA SALVADOR DALÍ Foundation, Inside Dalí is a digital art exhibition that centres around the life of Salvador Dali – the father of surrealism.  

When is Inside Dali?

The event will run from the 28th May to the 30th June at Auckland’s Spark Arena and will offer an opportunity to transcend time and space as you wander around the experiential exhibition that marries cutting-edge technology with imagery and illusion.

Why is Inside Dali perfect for date night?

There are few things more romantic than experiencing new things with your partner, and art is a medium through which we can explore new ideas and ways of looking at the world. The heart of the exhibition, the Immersive Room, is an immersive space, in which the visitor comes into direct contact with Dalí’s painting, entering the works of the painter through high-resolution digital imagery and a mesmerising soundtrack. 

Whether you’re new Dali’s work or want to introduce your partner to the magic of his art – this is an excellent date idea for couples who want to feel connected. For those who like a bit of independence, you can also wander around to different parts of the exhibit separately and then meet up at the end over a meal to share ideas.

After you’ve been to the exhibition, why not book a date night at a restaurant nearby? Cupla has a huge range of restaurants near Spark Arena available to book in a click on our app. Our top recommendations are Amano, Non Solo Pizza, Cafe Hanoi, Ghost Street or Ebisu! All of these can be booked here at a time that suits you and your partner after you’ve visited Inside Dalí.

How can I book Inside Dali for a date?

On Cupla – It is a feature event under our Weekly Event Drop this Month on Cupla. Click here to book.

Online – You can book Inside Dali in Auckland at Spark Arena now for May 28 – June11. It will be then heading to The Air Force Museum in Christchurch on July 11.

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